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October 13, 2015 14:30

In case, you filled petrol in a diesel car fuel tank, you need to respond quickly. Adding wrong fuel in car can lead to some serious damages to your vehicles and might increase you billings by few thousand bucks. Petrol in diesel engine is a common mistake that we see many people making. However, the most important point to remember in this situation is to not try to start your car under any circumstances. If you try to start your car, it will lead to more problems and may damage your engine in the most gruesome manner.

So what to do when you accidently add petrol in your diesel car? As mentioned above, do not switch on ignition and try to contact your nearest service station. If this is not possible, then take your car to nearest car repair shop and ask the mechanic to flush out all the fuel from the vehicle. Never forget, putting petrol in your oil burning car can directly damage your power mill if you fail to take immediate action. The diesel based engines use diesel not only as fuel but also as a lubricating agent. When petrol reaches these parts, it gets mixed with the already present diesel and acts as a solvent which reduces lubrication and increases the friction between engine parts.

If you start your car under such condition, the engine parts will rattle against each other and serious damage will be caused to complete system. Also, other parts of the system may or may not be compatible with petrol and can easily get contaminated or damaged. Switching on the car will lead to circulation of petrol in diesel engine causing heavy damages. So, it is recommended to take expert help whenever petrol gets added in diesel car by mistake.

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