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Tips To Make Most From A Test Drive...

07 May 2015, 01:31 PM

For juvenile as well as experienced auto buyers, test drive is the sole way to ensure that the car their attention is focused on meets all their needs and expectations. Car test drive is the best way when you wish to make certain how your favorite vehicle performs, an opportunity to know if the new car is really worth investment or not.  Following checklist promises to help you in two ways: one, understand how to test drive a car and two, take a better decision:

  • Insurance – Make sure you are insured from the dealer you are buying your vehicle from. Usually it does, but there are some private dealers that might propose different offerings to substitute insurance or decrease its duration. Make sure you are covered from the car manufacturer as well as the dealer for a substantial amount of time.

  • Space – In case, it’s a family car’s test drive, make sure it has seat for everyone. One of the possible solutions is to take a friend or two with you for the drive, seat them in the rear sear while you drive.  Apart from sufficient head and leg room, check if its boot space is enough to accommodate your entire luggage.

  •  Drivability & Handling – There are few things that need to be ensured while you steer the wheel. These include smooth acceleration, effective braking system; these two systems should work effortlessly without any resistance. Brakes should be capable enough to bring your vehicle to halt without the need of pulling it aside. The same thing needs to be ensured with respect to gears and clutch. Drive the new car for at least half an hour over the roads that you pass through every day, that will help in getting a view how well it will serve your purpose.

  • Small But Significant Points – When you are inside the vehicle, try to keep an eye for small things like quality of upholstery, plastic, number of storage cubicles, distance of knobs from steering wheel, view from ORVMs and rear view mirrors, air conditioning, etc. These small details play a big role when you actually own the car. 

  • Engine NVH Levels –All auto guides and experts recommend to check NVH levels of the vehicle right at the time of test drive. Anywhere during the drive, roll down the mirror and listen to engine’s noise and then pull up the mirrors to note the difference.  Do it both ways in moving as well as idling car. If the noise is high there’s still a chance, but if vibrations and harshness are above a certain level, better start looking for other options.

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