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Tips For Maintaining Cars Air Conditioner...

11 May 2015, 09:57 AM

A lot of stuff can be done to ensure a long& hassle-free tenure of car’s air conditioning system. Following set of tips is a standard auto guide to ensure healthy functioning of your vehicle’s air conditioning system.

  • Regular Check-Up-Small pores in an air conditioning system may lead to loss of refrigerant decreasing its cooling capacity. It is the first thing that you will be required to keep an eye on as part of your car air conditioner maintenance regime.

  • Spotting Faults In System – There are a number of reasons that can be held responsible for air conditioners’ breakdown. Some of them can even be spotted through normal inspection like tension in drive belt, blockage in condenser or radiator, flawed or loose mounting of compressor brackets, refrigerant oil stains on hoses, pipes & fittings, or missing caps over service ports. If you notice any of these faults, contact your car’s air conditioning service provider immediately.

  • Maintain Gar Pressure – Run your air conditioner at least once a week to maintain its gas pressure. It helps in keeping compressor failures and hose hardening away. To pursue this task, turn on the air conditioner to its lowest temperature and maximum fan speed. Also, run it on ‘Defrost’ mode for at least 5-10minutes to remove accumulated moisture.

  • Keep Windows Closed – One of the most important car air conditioner maintenance tips is to keep your windows pulled up whenever AC is running. Remember, not only does it helps in maintaining AC’s health, it also saves fuel, keeps away external noises & dust away, increases safety of passengers, and maintains car’s aerodynamics at an optimum level.

  • Car Air Conditioning Service – It is recommended to get yourcar’s air conditioner serviced thoroughly in a year or two. Make sure it is done before the hottest months of the year arrive, it will save from heat and unwanted expenses.

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