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Things To Do Before You Go For A Trip...

01 February 2015, 12:05 PM

Everyone of us has experienced this specific feeling. You’re getting late for your trip, but you have a strong feeling or an instinct, if you say, that you have forgotten something. If you have never had an encounter with this moment, then you have not travelled enough. So, to prevent this last minute tension, here is your list of “things you must have, no matter when and where you are going” to ensure that you are ready to have a great time during your trip. Let’s get started with this article on “how to plan a road trip”.

Being a member of scientific society, it is my duty to categorise things to make them simpler to understand and remember. The very first category in this auto-guide on the road trip would be your travel gear. Unlike the common belief, it is never beneficial to leave the packing for the last minute. First of all assemble all the things you “think” you would need on your bed. Now, check whether you can fit all of them in your travel bag. If yes, then skip the next skip, but if you can’t then it’s time to use the concept of filtration. Remove all the things you believe you’ll be just fine without. Can you fit the rest in your travel gear? If no, then use a bigger bag.

Once you are done with packing you bag, see whether it is too heavy to lift and carry. If yes, then try to remove some more items. It is really frustrating to carry a heavy bag along with you on a fun trip. Done? Great! That’s your first checkpoint of the road trip auto-guide. Now, move on to travel documentation. This chapter of ‘how to plan a road trip’ guide consists of the things that you must not forget in any circumstances. These are your legal documents and some cash. Verify that you have your passport with the expiry date at least 6 months away. Also, confirm that you have the travel visa. These are really important.

Contact your bank and inform them about your travel plans, so that they know how to contact you if the need arises. You should also double check that you have your travel ticket with you. Also, it is always better to keep a photocopy of your entire set of documents. It is also better to have a soft copy of all the required documents on your personal computer or saved as a draft on your e-mail account. Now, time to see what the condition of your travel communications is. Make sure that your call plans have the facility to make international calls (that is if you are planning to make an international visit). You may try to set up a new e-mail account specifically for that particular trip.

When you are done with the above step, go on and do a thorough research on the current news from your destination place(s). It is always safe to have a brief idea of what to expect while planning a trip. Also, always have some alternate plans available in case of any unexpected circumstances. Ensure that you are aware of any travelling warning published by the government of your destination. Finally, remember that you have some information about the temperature and climate conditions about the places you are planning to visit. Congrats you cleared another checkpoint of this auto-guide on “how to plan a road trip”!

A small but very important advice; be prepared for any traffic issues, car problems or any other hurdles for your visit. Only a couple of points left in this pre-departure auto guide on the road trip. It is not only you who has to prepare for a tour. Your house also needs to be prepared for a holiday. Pay all the dues, ask one of your friends to collect any letters after every few days, arrange your house to be cleaned just before your return. Make a list of things you want to do, places you want to visit, foods you want to try. In short, be prepared to make this trip the best one you ever had.

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