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Luxury Car Buying Guide...

17 December 2015, 05:40 PM

India happens to be in the top-10 list of markets in the world where automotive sales are booming. People are buying cars by the droves and some manufacturer or the other is setting a new sales record every other month. What’s interesting is that while customers have traditionally gravitated towards frugal cars, there’s sizeable chunk who is not afraid to go after models at the other end of the pricing spectrum. The choices at this end too are mindboggling and could easily confuse prospective owners. Which is where, this luxury car buying guide should help navigate through the maze.

By now, there are a few things that you should know about the Indian car market and purchasing habits of customers. These days, over half of new-car buyers research their purchases online before referring to traditional off-line sources. Additionally, an overwhelming nine out of ten buyers base their purchase decision on one key factor. This varies from the brand and model of the car to the body type (sedans, or hatches, for example), colour, features, purchase price, and so on. The catch here is that buyers continue to be open to suggestions and could change their decision based on the inputs they receive from sales personnel.

Keeping the above in mind, this luxury car buyer’s guide is designed to help understand the nuances of the key factors and make an informed choice. Budgeting for a car is critical and particularly for luxury vehicles. Their maintenance demands are heavier due to increased electronic-mechanical complexities as well as the higher levels of kit. One must factor in the maintenance costs over the vehicle’s lifetime before deciding upon the purchase.

Luxury cars tend to depreciate a lot, with many of them having minimal running on the odometer. So there are plenty of bargains to be had and this luxury car buying guide certainly recommends taking a look at the options. These days, manufacturers themselves certify pre-owned cars, extending the full warranty in certain cases. Such cars could prove to be a worthy bargain.

Irrespective of whether it is the cheapest luxury hatch you’re considering or the range-topping sedan, make sure you have everything on paper, to avoid financial heartburn later. Always test drive the car, even if it is the most reputed brand on the market. 

Do shop around for different dealers run their own deals, though you should certainly stick to the company authorised ones only. And it is a wise choice to consider opting for that extended warranty, even better if the dealer throws it in for free.

So that’s that. Good luck and here’s to many trouble free years of traveling cocooned in the lap of luxury!

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