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How Safe Is Your Car With Electronic Stability Con...

25 May 2015, 03:06 PM

A lot is being served in plate to customers with respect to safety these days. Therefore, it gets mandatory to know and understand what exactly each system does and how it helps in avoiding car crashes and accidents. One such program is Electronic Stability Control System (ESC) that is rapidly becoming a standard part of almost all new cars in India. ESC is a safety program that prevents skidding of cars over slippery and muddy roads. It implies computerized technology for applying brakes and brings the car under control within moments.

As per a recent research done in Australia, application of ESCs in vehicles helped in averting single car crashes by 25 percent and AWD vehicle crashes by 51%. Thus, implementation of electronic stability programs in cars can prevent collisions and accidents to a considerable extent – a rare quality that is yet to be seen in any other regular safety feature.

It also happens to be one of the most popular features that are recommended by all car buying auto guides across the world. For avoiding accidents, it mainly utilizes a number of sensors that sense driver’s loss of control over vehicle and gain control by applying brakes automatically. ESC mainly assists a driver in rectifying situation of understeering and oversteering, stabilizing vehicle during sudden maneuvers, improving traction control over icy roads, etc. The multi-functional feature has bestowed it with number of names from different car makers. For e.g., Hyundai likes to call it Electronic Stability Program (ESP) while Nissan call it Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) system.

Another benefit of having an Electronic Stability Program in a car is it reduces depreciation rate of given vehicle. Cars with ESC have displayed a better resale value as compared to normal cars. So all first time car buyers and experienced ones, next time you plan to buy a new car do check for presence of ESC in it for better driving as well as reselling experience.


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