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Complete Car AC Guide...

28 July 2015, 04:32 PM

If the summer is just round the corner, it is important to check the condition of your car air conditioner. The improper functioning of ac will have a negative impact on your pocket and health. Make sure to have a properly working ac to feel comfortable inside your car in hot weather.

A car ac system comprises of various components such as condenser, evaporator, a compressor, sensors, and refrigeration. If any of one the components encounter problem, it will directly impact the car air conditioning system's performance. With proper maintenance, one can prolong the life of ac system in a vehicle.

Here is an auto guide that will help you maintain your vehicle's AC unit:-

1. The first step is to clean out the moisture from the ac system. When you switch on the ac, it is advisable to put in the defrost mode. Keep in this mode for around five to ten minutes for germ and fungus free system. This can eradicate the issue of a foul smell in the cabin.

2. Have the AC system checked regularly by an expert. This will prevent accumulation of metal particulates in several components of air conditioners. This will also ensure that you will never hear any strange noises when you turn on car AC.

3. If you experience the air is no longer cold, there is a possibility of leaks. Get the system checked for leaks and refilled with coolant. If the unit is blowing excessive cold air, it indicates the blockage issue. Solving this problem will restore normal air.

4. One needs to regularly clean the air condenser and cabin filter clean. It is a simple process and anyone can do it. This will drastically improve the efficiency of car AC.

5. Irrespective of hot or cold weather, run the car air conditioner for a few minutes at least once in a week. This helps to keep the hoses, valves and pumps well lubricated.

Old or new cars ac system issue need to be inspected by a professional. It leads to quick assessment of malfunction to save time and money. This guarantees you have a properly functioning car air conditioning system.

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