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Cheap Vs Premium 4x4 Tyres: A Brief Study...

21 January 2015, 05:54 PM

Whenever you are looking to get the 4x4 tyres of your car replaced, you might find a question lingering in your mind – whether to go for the plunge or do away with cheaper tyres. Whenever you go to a distributor or look for an auto guide on cars, you are sure to get a wide range of selection of tyres. The most important aspect is that these tyres can be purchased at a wide variety of prices. The big gamble remains the choice of tyres, whether to go with cheaper options or opt for premium options. Incidentally, the price of fuels and other overhead charges of maintaining cars are constantly increasing, which has forced motorists to look for other ways of saving their expenses. Saving on the expenditure of replacement of tyres might as well work as a lucrative option in such situations.

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind while buying tyres for cars in India is the safety aspect. Despite the fact that most cars come with super brakes and anti-skid systems, the grip on tyres are the most important factors for a superior control. Depending on the quality of the tyres, the stopping distance of the car makes an impact on the manoeuvring of cars. The most important facts while going for the quality for tyres are the general condition, tread depth and inflation. In fact, it has been noted that higher quality tyres is capable of stopping at lesser distances as compared to cheaper alternatives. On the flip side, this factor gets to decide whether you are colliding with the vehicle in front or not.

When you are paying for a premium tyre, undoubtedly, the technology safety testing as well as performance engineering have been exceptionally good before bringing them to work. The materials, which have been used to manufacture the tyres, have been of superior quality. Premium tyres also ensure high wear-and-tear resistance, which ensures that they will last longer. Also, this ensures that they will offer a better fuel-efficiency and steering precision. Cheaper tyres also wear out more easily, which give a worse fuel economy. This is why it is better to opt for premium tyres, depending on how frequent you are using your car as suggested by auto guide on cars. Apart from this factor, the types of roads are also an important factor, which determines the type of tyres to be used in cars in India. 

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