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An Auto Guide On How To Save Fuel...

22 July 2015, 11:25 AM

Many individuals nurture dream of owning a car of their choice. The first car is indeed is special to everyone as it gives an immense satisfaction and happiness. But the joy tends tp be short lived, if you end up spending a significant amount of money on fuel from your salary. The constant rise in the price of diesel and petrol add up to the problem. Don't worry further; here is an auto guide for car owners on how to save fuel. Irrespective of petrol or diesel cars, the guide will be of great help. People can save money and it will help in keeping the environment pollution-free.

Here are some of the effective ways to save fuel:

Shut the engine off during idling – You need to guard yourself from an undesirable idling period as it will lead to burning excessive fuel. Whether you are waiting to pick up someone or are stuck in traffic, it is advisable to turn the engine off. This will help in saving fuel and cover extra miles without spending extra money. 

Keep the engine tuned up – It is important to keep the engine in a better condition. Don't neglect the periodic maintenance or check-ups. The air filter needs to be dirt free or clogged free. Do not hesitate to replace dirty air filter to avoid damaging the engine.

Check tyre pressure – Every driver has to ensure that they check the tyre pressure at regular intervals. If the tyre pressure is not up to the desired level, the engine will use extra fuel to give the best performance. Check the air pressure to keep a check on fuel consumption.

Avoid carrying excess weight – Give utmost attention to this point while embarking on a long journey. A car with unnecessary weight needs more fuel to run and it will have a negative impact on the mileage.

Reduce air conditioner use – Keeping the air conditioner on for a long time leads to increase in the fuel consumption.  Once the cooling is done, turn the ac off.

Get rid of bad driving habits – Don't develop bad habits such as sudden acceleration, heavy or hard braking. Use the brakes appropriately to drive smoothly and efficiently. This will help to keep the brakes pad in healthy state.

The above mentioned tips may help you on how can we save fuel and money.  An auto guide on how to save fuel is useful in improving the car fuel efficiency and saving the environment.

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