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September 19, 2014 10:51

Executive cars are those, which are slightly larger than the family cars. Most of the time, these consist of the high-end brand new cars, luxury sedans and high-end SUVs. There is a huge demand for best economical cars in India, but it is the executive cars that demand the majority of the respect just because of their ultra-suave looks and stylish appearance. Several petrol as well as diesel cars in India have been classified into the category of executive cars. Executive cars in India have found a foothold in the growing economy and here is a list of the top ten in this segment.

Mercedes Benz C-Class - It is impossible not to include the class of Mercedes when we are looking for top-notch, high performing and ultra-glamorous car models. Mercedes Benz C-Class have received a cult status in the modern generation and the impressive exteriors together with the plush interiors are a sure bet. One of the best executive cars in India in this segment, this model makes a statement every time it hits the road.

BMW 1 Series - High mileage is one of the strongest points for BMW cars and the 1 Series is not an exception either. With an approximate turnover of 20 kilometres for each litre, it is one of the best executive cars in India in this category. Add to that, some stunning looks and flashing colours, the BMW 1 Series is a sure hit.

Toyota Fortuner - This model has been one of the best performers on the Indian soil. Its high and upfront looks with a much bolder appearance when compared with its contemporaries earn respect. The car has a superior control and is perfectly designed for the Indian roads.

Porsche Cayenne - The only entrant from Porsche, Cayenne makes a statement with its suave appearance. Equipped with plush interiors and all modern amenities, this car is a must-have if you are looking for some high-end executive car in India.

Audi A4 - One of the favourites of the current generation, Audi A4 has been a clear winner. Due to its suitability to the Indian roads as well as high-end performance and stunning fascia, A4 has risen to become one of the most selling variants of the German automobile manufacturer.

BMW 3 Series - There is something about BMW that sets it apart from the rest. BMW 3 Series makes the list because of that signature front grille, those never ending front fascia and sheer class of the manufacturer. If you are looking for the perfect executive car, BMW 3 Series might as well be your best solution.


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