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Top 10 Cars In Rs. 7 lakhs – Rs. 10 lakhs...

29 July 2015, 12:55 PM

The Indian car market, due to its large size in terms of customer base and dynamics, offers a host of options to all who want to buy cars, whether it is in terms of brand, money or type of model. Price is a huge constraint in the Indian market and more often than not, customers across the country seal the deal according to the price. Let’s take a look at the top 10 cars in India between 7 lakhs to 10 lakhs.

  1. Honda Amaze – Though the starting price of this model is quite lower than 7 lakh but the high end variants of both petrol and diesel versions are priced around INR 7.5 lakhs and 7.6 lakhs, respectively. Honda’s first diesel car, Amaze has done exceedingly well in the Indian market and the much-acclaimed i-DTEC technology, featured in the 1.5-litre engine helps this car to produce almost 100 BHP of power and an exceptional mileage of around 25 kmpl.

  1. Fiat Punto Evo– It is quite likely that budget cars in India in the region INR 7-10 lakh are going to be sedans and Fiat Punto Evo is a good example of that. This model, available in both petrol and diesel versions, could be one of the top cars in your budget due to its driveability, high quality and aggressive pricing.

  1. Ford EcoSport – Among the best cars in India between 7 lakhs to 10 lakhs, Ford EcoSport has really become a setting stone for compact Sports Utility Vehicles in the country. This car, like most others in this range, is available in both petrol and diesel options. The 1.5-litre petrol Trend version is available at an ex-showroom Delhi price of INR 7.25 lakh and this goes up to INR 9.69 lakh for the top model that is powered by a 1.5-litre diesel engine.

  1. Honda City – The older it gets, the more popular it becomes for people who want to buy cars. Honda City is among the oldest existing models in the market and the latest generation model has literally taken the market by storm, especially the diesel version. Featuring a new design and styling, this car starts from an ex-showroom price of INR 7.84 lakh for the low end petrol version and around INR 9.01 lakh for a low end diesel version.

  1. Hyundai Xcent – One of the recent entrants to the market and among the top cars in India between 7 lakhs to 10 lakhs due its Grand i10 platform. Among the most aggressively priced models in the compact sedan segment, Hyundai Xcent has a top variant that is available for an ex-showroom price of around INR 7.38 lakh.

  1. Renault Duster – The first successful compact SUV of the Indian market that was overshadowed by the Ford EcoSport thoroughly, French made Renault Duster is among the top cars in your budget available in the INR 7-10 lakh range. The diesel version producing 84 BHP of power is available at an ex-showroom Delhi price of INR 8.7 lakh while the petrol version can be purchased at INR 7.86 lakh.

  1. Volkswagen Vento – Top class German engineering, great comfort and slightly expensive but pure quality, Volkswagen Vento is arguably the best compact sedan in its segment and its price range of INR 7.39 lakh – 10 lakh is perfect for those who want to buy cars high on quality more than anything else. Not exactly one of the best budget cars in India but top quality in this particular price range.

  1. Toyota Etios – Another one of budget cars in India that has earned plaudits due to its fantastic engine and looks, Toyota Etios is pretty reasonably priced with the top end model costing around INR 8.08 lakh. Anyone who wants to look for budget cars for sale should go for this car.

  1. Ford Classic – This certainly would be the best budget cars for sale that anyone can purchase in the given price range. The top model of Ford Classic, which gives a mileage of around 30 kmpl, is priced at INR 7.34 lakh.

  1. Hyundai Verna – Mentioned last but easily among the top cars in your budget, considering all factors. Hyundai Verna comes in both petrol and diesel models which are powered by 1.4-litre and 1.6-litre engines. The low end variant of this car is priced at around INR 7.18 lakh while the top petrol version is priced at INR 9.51 lakh.


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