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10 Fuel Efficient Luxury Cars In India...

06 April 2018, 06:09 PM

In the automobile world, luxury and fuel efficiency are two factors that seldom combine in a vehicle. However, in a market like India, where the latter is given preference over the former more often than not, there are several top fuel efficient cars that can be purchased. Luxury cars in India have seen a sharp rise in demand in recent years and models from firms like Mercedes-Benz, Audi and BMW have done better than most of the other firms. Let’s take a look at models that can be qualified among the best luxury cars in India:

Mercedes-Benz B Class: This is one of the top fuel efficient cars in the luxury category and began the resurgence of Mercedes-Benz in the country. It has performed exceptionally well due to its appearance, cost-effectiveness and mileage, all of which are top class for its segment. It has a mileage of around 18 kmpl, which is quite impressive.


Mercedes-Benz A Class: Just like the B Class, the A Class was launched in 2013, which was the “Year of Offensive” for Mercedes-Benz in the India market. In its category, Mercedes-Benz A Class can be counted as one of the 10 best fuel efficient cars in India due to its top class mileage, which is in the region of 20 kmpl.


BMW 5 Series: Though rival Mercedes-Benz took all the honours in 2013 and a major part of 2014 in India, BMW 5 Series kept its manufacturer going in the market. One of the top 10 eco-friendly cars in India, this model has a superb engine and is loaded with a wide range of technologically advanced features.


Audi A6: The A series from Audi has done particularly well in India and A6 is one of the best luxury cars in India. The other models in the series have been appreciated for their overall performance and appearance. It offers a mileage of just under 15 kmpl.


Audi A4: Just like the Audi A6, the A4 has been praised for its appearance, technologically advanced features and mileage of around 14 kmpl.


Audi A7: Despite its exorbitant price of approximately INR 88 lacs, Audi A7 is bought by a large number of customers in India. One of the reasons for that is its mileage of around 14 kmpl.


Honda City Diesel: Among the 10 best fuel efficient cars in India, Honda City had taken the market by storm even before its launch. Fitted with a 1.5-litre i-DTEC engine, this mid-sized sedan has been appreciated for its looks, technology features and mileage (approximately 25.8 kmpl).


Hyundai Verna: A competitor of Honda City diesel, the Hyundai Verna is also one of the 10 best fuel efficient cars in India. Available in petrol and diesel versions, this model has a top class fluidic design and comes under the bracket of the top fuel efficient cars. The mileage of this sedan ranges from 20 kmpl to 23.5 kmpl (lowest model to highest).


Mercedes-Benz GLA Class: Almost everything you would want from a car, the GLA Class is available in petrol and diesel variants. It delivers exceptional power figures and is loaded with top class technology features. The diesel version of this car gives a mileage of around 17 kmpl on the highway while the petrol variant gives around 14 kmpl.


BMW 3 Series: The 3 Series by BMW has a wide range of technologically advanced features, which enhance its driveability, efficiency and performance. Available in both diesel and petrol variants, this model gives a fuel economy of around 19 kmpl (diesel on highway).



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