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Why Are Green Cars So Popular?...

20 April 2015, 04:06 PM

The automobile market, across the globe, has seen a gradual metamorphosis over the last few years and the increasing popularity of green cars is a clear indication of the same. Eco-friendly cars are gaining importance in the Indian car market as well and there are several substantial reasons for the same. Green cars in India, currently, do not have any sort of market but the awareness levels, pertaining to them, are rising with every passing day. Though there are several fuel efficient cars in India, only a handful can be truly called eco-friendly. However, increasing pollution, better environment awareness, stricter regulations and sustainable development are all valid reasons that will slowly and steadily create a sizeable market for eco-friendly cars in the country.

Many consumers or potential buyers in the country do not have any sort of idea about eco-friendly cars, which leads them to not even considering making a purchase in that direction.  A green car runs on a combination of an electric motor and a petrol engine. The biggest difference between a green vehicle than a conventional vehicle is the level of emissions, which is considerably less in the former. Operational efficiency is among the other advantages of green cars in India. Most people do not think about it but making use of green cars has a direct impact on the environment. In several countries across the world, greenhouse gases, a large chunk of them, are released by vehicles on the road.

One reason why people do not buy green fuel efficient cars in India is the high cost. Price of a vehicle is a deal breaker and most green cars in India are really expensive, thereby ruling out the majority from buying them. However, most buyers are unaware about the fact that a green car does not only reduce pollution, it also renders better mileage and over a period of twelve months, the number of rupees saved is much higher than what one would be able to do in a regular car.

Another huge facet about green cars is the affect they have on health of passengers and others driving on the road. The gases emitted from the cars have a huge impact in polluting the environment and making the air less-conducive to breathe. Use of green cars, quite naturally, results in lesser emissions, thereby making the air less polluted. Also, each year, statistically speaking, thousands of people are either diagnosed with breathing problems or pass away due to them. Thus, driving a green car lets the driver complete a social responsibility without actually having to do anything.

Fuel efficient cars in India, along with the least priced, are on top of the most selling vehicles. In order to make green cars available to customers from this class, manufacturers would need to introduce models in the hatchback segment.

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