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Subaru XV Crosstrek Hybrid...

27 October 2014, 12:05 PM

The Subaru XV crosstrek hybrid is a new model, which gives superior road grip and has a symmetrical all–wheel drive. It is a partial zero-emission vehicle made using advanced technology. It is the lowest emitting and the most fuel efficient vehicle with a sleek body. The fuel efficient quality of this model makes it one of the best green cars in India. It has excellent ground clearance. Unique raised roof rails define the model from other.

It is one of the best hybrid cars in the world, however still not being sold in the Indian auto market. Subaru XV crosstrek hybrid has a two-liter boxer engine and provides a low centre of gravity and proper balance. The exceptional quality of this particular Subaru car gives the ability to handle the body well and a quick response. The advanced partial zero emission technology gives the car the ability to emit small amounts of greenhouse gases. Another unique design quality of this hybrid car is a zero landfill plant, in which the waste is recycled completely and used to turn it into electricity.

The spacious area inside the body of the Subaru XV crosstrek hybrid offers a spacious inside for accommodating more passengers. Subaru XV crosstrek hybrid is one of the most demanded new cars in India. The raised rail roof has an expandable and flexible cargo area helps accommodate a large number of cargos on top. It makes this a cargo carrying vehicle and one of the good hybrid cars. The modern design of this vehicle includes keyless start and access, automatic climate control inside the car.

The specialty of this Subaru car is a unique rear view camera fitted for the convenience of the driver and safety of the passengers. LED rear tail lights, and side-view mirrors with turn signal indicators are other features of this Subaru XV crosstrek. Subaru cars have the quality of being made as a world class model. Subaru cars have a history of being the first in everything. They have created this gas – electric car that is the first of its kind. It is a highly anticipated model with a 13 hp engine. The hybrid only weighs a mere 304 pounds more than the standard crosstrek. The Subaru XV crosstrek also has the ability to start using only electric power. But the electric start run goes only up to a maximum of 13 mph, which can be a little irritating for drivers who love speed. Many hybrid cars in India still can’t live up the Subaru.

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