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Solar Hybrid Concept Car By Ford...

28 April 2014, 02:35 PM

The American auto major Ford is known to incorporate its cars with up-to-date technologies and has a pragmatic approach towards a healthy ecosystem. In a bid to do the same, the company has created a new model, which will be using solar energy along with the conventional mechanical engine to get powered. This concept is called C-MAX Solar Energi and it is a sun-powered hybrid car, which uses sun-tracking technology. This solar hybrid concept car by Ford has been showcased in the major auto shows around the world and has been lauded by auto connoisseurs as well as the media.

The new concept car is the refurbished version of the C-MAX plug-in hybrid car and will use the solar energy to charge its batteries. The car maker has equipped the revamped model with a solar panel, which is mounted on the roof. This panel will be using special Fresnel lenses to concentrate the sun rays on it and then covert the heat into solar energy, which will be further utilised to charge the drained battery. It is expected that the solar panel would be storing a charge of around 8 kW in 4 hours and will send it to the lithium-ion battery. The entire running range of this concept car is measured at 1000 km when fully loaded on fuel and battery, out of which 35 km is contributed by the lithium-ion battery.

This car was also showcased at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The company has worked with the Georgia Tech in planning up this technology and begin the testing phase of the hybrid car. Auto experts believe that the benefits of such type of car are many and the clearly shows the company's approach towards and environmental-friendly future. However, it is speculated that the car can be charged through sun rays only during a sunny day and at other times, the plug-in function would be used to charge the battery. The real-world testing of this car will also be commencing soon according to the company plans.

The showcased design of the solar hybrid concept car is a hatchback and no further details have been revealed by the company into its specifications. The sleek looking car has a stylish front and rear and its matte black solar roof further enhances the overall looks. Other companies, such as Toyota and BMW are also working on similar projects; thus showing their pedantic approach towards the future of automobiles. It is anticipated that in the coming years, the roads will be dominated by a variety of technically enhanced cars and will offer a great spectacle to the auto fanatics from all over the world.

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