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Hydrogen Fuelled Vehicle Tuk Tuk...

16 June 2014, 03:05 PM

In a bid to reform the conventional mass transport system of India, Birmingham City University engineers have come up with a new hydrogen fuelled vehicle. This new concept model is based on the traditional auto rickshaws, which comply on the national roads and are also called as Tuk Tuk in colloquial language. The innovators of the Birmingham City University are calling this hydrogen car as a new Millennium Tuk Tuk, which will make the transport system of India more environmental-friendly. The currently expanding emission rate of vehicles is a major concern for the Indian government, which has decided to put at least one million hydrogen fuel cars on country roads by 2020.

The Millennium Tuk Tuk feat has been achieved by the joint collaboration of Birmingham City University engineers with UK Motorsport Company Spencer Ashley and DYPDC automotive research centre in Pune. The head of engineering department at Birmingham University has indicated that the current vehicle system, which is dependent on fossil fuels for power, needs to be changed radically so as to preserve the environment. In an attempt to achieve the same, the department is also engaged in development of a Hydrogen Tree, which will apparently charge the multiple hydride stores needed to power vehicles and other appliances.

The hydrogen fuelled vehicle created by the city university engineers will be a 4-wheel structure and will be powered by a combination of hydrogen fuel cell, control system and an electric motor. The hydrogen fuel will be stored in low pressure metal containers, which will ensure no gas leak occurs in any case. A thermal compressor will be used in this green car to extract hydrogen from water by splitting this liquid into its main components – Oxygen and Hydrogen. This splitting will happen with the help of solar energy and the containers in turn will then be used to power other equipment, such as mobile, computer and other electric appliances. This hydrogen car is expected to give a new face to the transport system of India as well as the world.

The eco-friendly car in India has been deemed a commendable initiative by the engineers of the Birmingham University. It is known worldwide that hydrogen fuelled vehicle require huge investments initially for design and maintenance. However, this hydrogen car is going to cut down on the expensive budget and will be available in a much cheaper rate. There are numerable auto makers in the world who have introduced their hydrogen fuel models but are not gaining enough prominence due to the lack of infrastructure. Experts believe that in the coming time, there will be ample hydrogen power stations in the world to support these green cars, which emit only water from the exhaust. The vehicle has been showcased at the recently conclude Auto Expo and has gained quite sufficient praises from auto connoisseurs. It is anticipated that the Millennium Tuk Tuks will soon take over the traditional auto rickshaws of the country and will provide a safer means of transport to the citizens.

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