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Ford Fiesta ECOnetic...

26 August 2014, 01:25 PM

ECOnetic is a certain tradename, which is used for some of the popular car models of Ford of the continent of Europe. Currently, the ECOnetic is available in the new Ford Fiesta, the Mondeo range of cars and the Focus. This ECOnetic concept emphasises on the extensive usage of fuel, leading to increased fuel efficiency and lower carbon dioxide emissions. If the ECOnetic variants are successful enough in the continent of Europe, the concept will be passed on to the other continents. Additionally some other models like the Ford Titanium will also be incorporated with this new concept. Currently, Ford Fiesta hatchback is the most popular car that is leading the concept of ECOnetic in Europe. The Ford Fiesta ECOnetic price is not much different from the regular Ford Fiesta, thus the increased fuel efficiency comes at almost the same cost. The primary reason to incorporate this concept in the Ford Fiesta cars is that Fiesta is among the top-selling cars of Ford. Apart from that, Ford Fiesta ECOnetic would be the best test car for introducing this concept as concluded by the Research and Development team at Ford.

Ford was against the concept of manufacturing hybrid automobiles like the Prius. So they took up a different philosophy, which focussed on improving the fuel efficiency of cars without compromising on the drivability or the design. The new car thus focuses on a number of aspects, without much giving up the existing design and it primarily looks into the overall performance enhancement of the car. Ford Fiesta cars have been given a better aerodynamic structure by the incorporation of ECOnetic. For starters, the Ford Fiesta ECOnetic has a redesigned high bumper skirt, thus enhancing its looks and making it more favourable for aerodynamics. The car has been lowered when it comes to suspension just to improve the angle of address of the model. Skirts have been introduced along the sides just to improve the air flow of the new Ford Fiesta.

The resistance aspect has also been checked thoroughly to improve the Ford Fiesta cars. Ford ECOnetic was designed in collaboration with Michelin to give the model a thinner tyre with reduced resistance. Even the engine was worked upon and the Research and Development Team focussed on the existing engine to improve the quality of service provided by the car. The new Ford Fiesta would be using a more efficient variety, which made sure that the fuel consumption and output efficiency ratio was more user-friendly.

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