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Ford C-Max Solar Energy Concept Car ...

27 June 2014, 09:36 AM

Ford C-Max Solar Energy Concept Car is a unique model, which does not depend on the contemporary electrical source for running. This car has been showcased in a number of major auto exhibitions around the world and has gained huge plaudits for its iconic innovations. The green car is an exclusive hybrid plug-in model, which rather than relying on an electric outlet, can get charged through solar energy. This concept is one-of-its-kind recipe for optimising renewable energy source in the best means possible. The eco-friendly car was recently displayed at the Consumer Electric Show (CES) 2014 in Las Vegas and company has hinted that it will soon be putting the model into production.

The American auto giant is acknowledged worldwide for employing the best-in-class features and technology in its vehicles and the same has been done in C-Max Solar Energy Concept by Ford. The overall layout of this green car resembles to that of a hatchback and the only difference can be witnessed at its roof. The company has equipped the roof of this car with a solar panel, which draws energy from a magnifying glass type solar concentrating lenses. This concentrating lens is actually a giant Fresnel lens, which is generally used in old lighthouses and large magnifying glasses. These lenses have been specially designed to detect the motion of the sun in the entire day and draw the sunlight accordingly.

Apart from having a large solar panel, this green car has been tapped under the hood with a heavy 7.6-kWh lithium-ion battery pack, which works with a 2.0-litre engine running the front wheels. The fuel-efficient car is expected to record a mileage of a whopping 46 kmpl on city roads. Also, the eco-friendly car will have an entire range of approximately 1000 km with the electrical range being a minor 38 km. This type of clean technology is expected to be a potential source, which will decide the designing of upcoming hybrid vehicles. Experts believe that by using solar energy, this car will be minimising electric consumption and will result in a cleaner and better means of transportation. The car will also save the cost of setting up big power grids, which are meant to provide quick-charging points to these hybrid models. 

Ford C-Max Solar Energy Concept Car is being considered a revolutionary step to preserve the environment for the future. The eco-friendly car will be much milder on the surroundings and will result in minimal emissions. The car also showcases a decent seating arrangement of 5 people and ample space for the occupants. It is also expected that this hatchback will be arriving with different driving modes. In the past too, the likes of Nissan Leaf and Toyota Prius have showcased the usage of solar panel for drawing energy but that energy is only used to power auxiliary systems in the car. However, this Ford car will be utilising sun's energy to commute and increase its overall efficiency. The likes of such concept cars in India are awaited and the nation will soon witness these features in their hybrid vehicles. Soon Indian and global buyers will be able to buy cars, which are better for environment and heavy on performance.       

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