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Bentleys SUV Hybrid Car...

20 April 2015, 01:01 PM

The British luxury auto maker, Bentley has been one of the principal car companies of the global automotive arena. Since past almost a century, Bentley has been involved in innovating and employing exclusive technologies in its cars. Yet again, the auto maker has taken the world with astonishment by planning to launch an all new powertrain with its upcoming Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV). The company has unveiled its latest plug-in hybrid technology, which is expected to be showcased at the upcoming Beijing International Automotive Exhibition. The auto maker has claimed that this hybrid powertrain will be undermining Bentley's upcoming SUV, which is anticipated to be released worldwide during 2017.

The Bentley SUV hybrid car will be one-of-a-kind model and first such automobile to be launched by the company. In the past, the likes of Lexus RX, Volkswagen Touareg and Porsche Cayenne have been listed as the eminent names in SUV hybrid cars. However, Bentley promises its SUV to be much more efficient yet powerful on all types of terrains. With the unveiling of this hybrid plug-in technology, the company aims to bring this type of powertrain into the luxury car segment. It also claims that with the amalgamation of hybrid drive and conventional engine, total power output of the car will be enhanced by 25 percent, whereas, CO2 emission will be reduced by 70 percent. This green car from the British auto maker has already created quite a stir in the global market and with the launch of a new hybrid powertrain, the company is sure to witness immense success.

Coming to the specifications of Bentley SUV hybrid car, this SUV is based on the Mulsanne sedan of the company. The auto maker has tapped this SUV under the hood with a mammoth 6.75-litre Twin-Turbocharged V8 petrol engine, which is capable of generating a power output of an enormous 510 bhp. The addition of a plug-in hybrid is expected to increase this power figure to a commendable 127 bhp and equally reduce the harmful emissions. Reports speculate that this green car will be showcasing the latest 7-speed automatic transmission, which will be delivering all the energy equally to the four wheels. Just like all the SUV hybrid cars, this model from Bentley will also be showcasing brilliant off-roading dynamics in its body layout and features.

Bentley is planning to launch the new SUV car by the beginning of 2017 and suggest that 90 percent of its model will feature a hybrid powertrain. The Bentley SUV hybrid car is expected to bear an enormous price tag of over Rs. 1.50 crore. The pricing has been done keeping in mind its competitors and the company claims that this SUV will be a fierce rival in the future. Experts believe that of all the SUV hybrid cars, this Bentley model could witness huge recognition and following owing to its stunning looks and powerful performance. Also, reports are suggesting that this green car will mark its advent in the domestic market as well.  The SUV cars in India in the price range of Bentley's model belong to the lot of Range Rover, who is the British companion of the former. Notably, there haven't been any SUV hybrid cars in India and this model from Bentley is therefore being awaited wit exhilaration.

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