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Anil Kapoors Mitsubishi Lancer...

27 November 2018, 04:05 PM

Not only does media follow lives of celebrities, but their cars as well. Celebrity cars are one of the most hyped issues in Bollywood. Right from Audi to Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar, Rolls-Royce, Bentley and many other world-class brands can be seen in Bollywood. Whenever any star goes out in his premium car for shopping or night out with friends and girl-friends, it becomes headline of many of the daily newspapers. Most of the stars are known for their controversies, while others are known for their passion, acting and devotion towards the industry. One such devoted actor is Anil Kapoor, who comes with a guaranteed success for any movie. He has produced more than a dozen movies over the past many years. Not only does Anil Kapoor love acting, but riding luxury cars as well. When it comes to luxury car collection, Anil Kapoor is very particular. He has quite a few cars, but all of them are known for their power, on-road performance and luxury performance.


His favorite cars include Audi, Mercedes and Mitsubishi cars in India. He mostly prefers drive car himself. Although there is no certainty about any star's preference about cars, but he is quite predictable. His love for Mitsubishi lancer in India can be seen openly when he drives his red Mitsubishi. In most of the awards functions that he goes to, people can find him with his Mitsubishi. The main reason behind his love for Mitsubishi lancer in India is nothing but the extra comfort, second to none mileage and very cost effective ride. Ex-showroom price of any Mitsubishi lancer in India revolves around eight lakh, which means that it's in reach of people easily. Performance of this car is not different from most of the other cars for which you may have to spend around 20-30 lakhs.

If you are fond of luxury cars, and like driving fast without any tension of the performance, then it can be a perfect option for you. It is one of the oldest luxury cars in the world. It was launched in 1973 for the first time in Japan by Mitsubishi Motors. Since then it has been on top of the tables of luxury cars for most of the times. Other than Mitsubishi lancer, people also call it Dodge/Plymouth Colt, Colt Lancer, Chrysler Valiant Lancer, Eagle Summit, Chrysler Lancer, Hindustan Lancer, Mitsubishi Mirage and Soueast Lioncel. As per the information provided by company, more than six million cars had been sold between 1973 and 2008.

If you are a luxury car lover and want to explore more about it, then without any second thought, you can look forward to taking a test drive of this eye-steering car. You can find Mitsubishi car dealers in India very easily, so anyone can buy this car. The price of the car is also not that high, which is it’s another positive point.

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