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Tips For Teens To Avoid Reckless Driving In India ...

01 December 2014, 03:05 PM

A driver’s license and car keys – it’s every teenager's dream and their parents’ worst nightmare. There is a newspaper headline almost daily that a teenager lost his life due to a car accident, one of the reasons being over speeding. Statistics and research state that it is four times more likely for a teenager between the age of 16 to 19 years to die in a crash than drivers between the ages of 25 to 69 years.

The number of teenage drivers is increasing on the Indian roads, and not much is done to keep a check on them. When it comes to young adult drivers and teenagers, a lot of different factors increase their risk of being involved in an accident. Besides over speeding, inexperience, lack of seat belt use and drinking-driving increase the likelihood of an accident for teenage drivers. To avoid such accidents, car driving tips for teens must be given.

Car driving tips for teens help in reducing the rate of accidents among youth and teenagers. In addition to safe driving, it also makes them more responsible and aware citizens of tomorrow. Car driving tips for teens help them understand the importance of driving within the speed limit, wearing seat belt and cons of driving after drinking. Teenagers start driving without realising how to drive cars in India, and the different rules and regulations that are to be taken care of while driving. Along with giving driving tips to the teenage children, tips on how to drive cars in India should also be given to minimise the risk of accidents caused due to self-negligence.

Safety tips for car driving and tips for teen driving lead to awareness regarding the importance of using safety gears while driving. This makes their parents more comfortable and stress-free as they know that their child is taking care of all road safety measures. The thought of a car accident is disturbing but taking precautions would help in avoid such a circumstance. To help enthusiastic teen drivers take precautions, tips for teen driving are given by various driving schools.

Various such initiatives, like how to drive cars in India, help minimize the risk of road accidents amongst teenage children. There are various hoardings put up on the roadside by the Traffic Police Department of India to guide the youth regarding the necessity and importance of safety rules. One such heading is ‘Save your head and the use helmet’.

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