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Tips For A Year End Car Buying...

19 August 2014, 01:11 PM

Car buying is a big thing in a country like India and irrespective of how big you are on terms of money, choice or status. A lot of things cross one’s head while buying cars in India, such as right price, best time to buy a car and brand. For these reasons, many people, especially in a country like ours, take car buying advice, which helps them to make an educated, calculated and rational decision. A large number of people in this country do not have the luxury to go for big cars and the ones who do, look for avenues to make their deal cheaper. One of the best ways, according to experts, to purchase a car cheap is to buy it at the end of the year.

People, across the country, are really cynical while spending money and when they do, that too a large sum, they expect the product or service to be absolutely top class. Another thing that people do not like in India is the spoiling of the name, which is of supreme importance for everyone. Many companies, in the country, despite having not so good cars are at the top due to their brand value. Now, car buying advice is something that many would give but how suitable would that be, remains to be seen. Cars in India are available throughout the year but the best time to buy a car is during the festive season, when the model is newly launched. However, many people who give auto buying tips suggest that one should go for a car at the end of a year, when everyone is reluctant to purchase a car.

Year end car buying tips suggest that the only reason why no one goes for a car at the year end is because they do not want an “old” model, which would be new only in a week’s or a month’s time. Cars in India are sold more on the basis of a name rather than its quality, which is the reason why one should always go for the last month, which is the best time to buy a car. Any expert who gives car buying advice would tell you that it does not actually matter if your model number is 2014 or 2013, unless you want to be hell bent on selling it really soon.

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