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Ride Safe This Winter...

10 December 2014, 04:32 PM

Driving a car in winters require a lot of care to stay safe. Breakdown of vehicles are most common during this time of the year. However, following a few car driving tips can avoid misfortunes and keep one safe on the road.

Batteries and electrical: Batteries and electrical components are most taxed during winters, hence they need to be inspected thoroughly for any signs of wear and tear. Batteries last an average for 4 years on normal use and replacing it before the end of its life can avoid a lot of inconvenience.

Antifreeze: The cold weather freezes up the water pump and in extreme conditions, can end up freezing your cylinder block too. Antifreeze comes to your rescue here. It is important to use the right kind of antifreeze for the kind of car you are driving. The amount you spend on antifreeze is almost negligible in comparison to the amount you’ll end up spending on fixing your cracked engine block. This safe driving tip is a must and one should definitely follow it.

Vision: It is important to ensure that your windshields and other windows are clear and most importantly visible before hitting the road.  Also, you need to periodically check if all the bulbs in your car are working and that the lenses are clean. The mucky roads may force you to clean it after every journey, but hazy lenses are very dangerous during the winters. Headlamps should be judiciously used and only when visibility is seriously reduced. You should turn them off when the visibility improves as they may dazzle other road users.

Tyres: This is where you should focus while inspecting your car for the winter season. If you live in a place where weather conditions are extreme, you may want to change to all-season tires as they do not harden and provide a better grip on the roads. For place with moderate winter, it is advisable to have at least 3 mm of tread on your tires. This is one of the most important car driving tip one needs to follow.

A few safe driving tips are mentioned below:

  • Keep a very safe distance from the vehicle in front.

  • Plan to stop well in advance.

  • Apply brakes gently and avoid sudden braking.

  • Do not accelerate rapidly while starting the car from neutral gear.

  • Do not accelerate while turning.

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