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Off Road Car Driving Tips...

06 May 2015, 12:42 PM

The Indian automotive industry is inundated with a variety of Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs), which are created to provide a unique off-road driving experience to prospective buyers. Several domestic and global auto giants have launched their models in the SUV segment of the domestic market. These models are purchased largely by off-roading enthusiasts who like to plan their journeys on rugged terrains of mountains or hills. However, most of these buyers do not have sufficient information about the basic driving techniques for an SUV. These all-wheel drive cars need to be driven keeping in mind some important tips, which ensure maximum safety and thrill to the passengers. If a person plans to buy cars from the respective segment, he/she should be aware of the significant 4X4 driving tips, which are as follows:

  1. One of the most important off-road car driving tips is to first know the exact limit of the specific vehicle. One must be aware of the off-roading features or specs of the car that will ensure a proper adventurous experience. The basic four-wheeler driving tips include checking the treads of tyres, examining the ground clearance and rightly choosing the type of terrain for driving SUVs.

  1. The necessary 4X4 driving tips also include analysing if these cars need any extra modification for easy driveability on rugged turfs. Many buyers equip the inside of their off-roading machines with bars and cages to increase stability and safety aspect. Others choose to buy chunky tyres, which have big treads and offer a more comfy ride to occupants on uneven tracks.

  1. The four-wheeler driving tips are not only concerned with the performance of the SUVs but are also meant to cater the requirements of owners. While planning an off-road trip, people are advised to stock their cars with necessary items, such as a winch machine, high lift jack, shovel, spare container of water and fuel, communicating radio and fire extinguisher.

  1. The off-road car driving tips advise people to choose the terrains according to the vehicle model. Almost all of the SUVs have feature of driving on sandy, muddy, grassy and rocky terrains. Just by the press of a button, the vehicle changes its wheel positioning and shape in accordance with the road ahead. To ensure no impedance on any terrain, the vehicle should be equipped with a pressure gauge, spare tyre, air compressor and a navigational assistance. If people decide to drive on snowy tracks, they should make sure to keep a heavy chain in the car that can be wrapped on the tyres while driving on ice. These chains offer more traction to the vehicle and increase its stability to a great extent.

  1. Among the necessary four-wheeler driving tips is to plan such a journey with companions and not just alone. One might face adverse situations if he/she decides to ride solely on rugged terrains. While riding with other fellow enthusiasts, one makes sure that there is someone to keep a check if the car gets stuck or stops working. Adventurers from around the world recommend that it is one of the most significant off-road car driving tips to not venture on such roads solely.

Keeping in mind all these 4X4 driving tips will make sure that a person does not face any unexpected occurrence during the journey. People can find several used cars in India that can be hired to be taken on such enthralling trips. Driving on these terrains is oodles of fun but one should make sure that his/her safety is the first and foremost priority.

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