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Hybrid Car Driving Tips And Advice...

28 March 2015, 04:37 PM

The culture of hybrid cars in India is barely new and not many vehicles represent this segment of the domestic auto market. Almost, all the homegrown and global auto makers are planning to soon launch their hybrid creations in the national automotive industry. However, there are the likes of Toyota Prius and Mahindra Reva e20, which have made the country's buyers aware of the hybrid vehicles. Such vehicle are fuel-efficient as well as green; thus, protecting the environment from the harmful CO2 emission. In general, almost all the hybrid vehicles comprise various driving modes, which can be chosen as per the suitability of the driver. It is not necessary for an electric car to produce greater mileage until and unless it is not being driven carefully. There are a certain tips and advices with which people can maintain their hybrid electric vehicle properly and these are:

  1. People should spend some time with their electric car and get familiarised with its different consoles. These cars have an integrated hybrid information display, through which one can gain knowledge about how much of the energy is actually being used or wasted unnecessarily.

  1. There are usually three driving modes in a hybrid electric vehicle and these are – EV, ECO and Power Mode. The EV mode enables the car to solely run on the battery juice and is considered the best for city drive. The ECO mode helps in monitoring the various electrical functions of the car and thus, maintains energy. The Power mode on the other hand, uses the amalgamation of battery and conventional engine to accelerate the car more powerfully. People should carefully select among these modes and should avoid consuming extra energy for long.

  1. The automatic transmission in almost all the hybrid vehicles is designated R (Reverse), D (Drive), B (Engine Braking) and N (Neutral). While the car is stuck in a start-stop traffic situation, it is advised to not put the transmission on N when the car is idle. Doing such might not allow the electricity to be generated and all the juice of the battery will be discharged quickly.

  1. The gentle use of brake and clutch pedals help in boosting the performance of an electric car; thus, increasing its fuel efficiency. Gentle braking also yields in proper regenerative braking, through which the battery keep getting charged whenever the vehicle decelerates. This results in considerable increase in the range of the car in EV mode.

  2. It is also recommended to use the cruise control option given in a hybrid electric vehicle. The cruise control option helps in maintaining the energy level by keeping the car stable at an average speed and also ensuring its greater mileage on all types of roads.

Apart from these points, one can also consider the normal advices, which are considered suitable for normal cars as well. Almost all the fuel efficient cars are a result of better driving dynamics, such as avoiding car idling, removing extra weight from the car and using the electronic consoles wisely. If all these points are implemented properly, any car can become efficient in all aspects and can be more durable in longer run.

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