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How to Drive Safely in Hills?...

18 July 2014, 10:18 AM

Each year, a number of automobile owners of the country plan out for a hill-drive on the serene mountain roads. While this activity seems enthralling, it poses an equal threat to the lives of people if proper hill driving tips are not followed. Driving safely in hills is a must to ensure that the occupants are safe and sound under all conditions. The steep ascents and descents, sharp curves, sloping bends or any natural occurrence can be hazardous to the cars as well as the passengers. Safe driving tips on hill roads mostly include the basic guidelines to drive sensibly, however, there are also certain points included specifically for such types of terrains. Mentioned below are the hill driving tips, which will make sure of the safety aspect of passengers:

  1. Keeping the focus on the road ahead is one of the most significant safe driving tips, which should be taken care by every driver. The hill roads have sharp turns, which at times block the view of any vehicle coming from the other way. In such cases maximum use of horn should be done to ensure that the person coming from the opposite direction is aware of another car's presence on the road.
  1. One of the most common hill driving tips is to keep a check of the speed of the car. At high speed, the car might lose balance and collide with rocks or any other vehicle coming from the opposite direction. Driving safely in hills include pressing the accelerator gently and not exceeding the limit from more than 45 kmph.
  1. If people buy cars especially for such hill drives then it is advised to always opt for a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) or the model having a decent ground clearance. The roads on the hills can be uneven and might hamper the floor as well as suspensions of the car. Having a 4X4 ensures that the driver can cruise through rugged terrains easily without any inconvenience.
  1. A constant up and down hill driving requires maximum use of clutch and brakes. It is always advised to make use of 3rd gear instead of 2nd as higher gear allows the car to climb easily without any stoppage. Whereas, a low gear might just force the tyres to spin while the vehicle doesn't move at all. One of the most important safe driving tips on hills is to always check the clutch plate and brake oil of the vehicle before departure. The continuous usage of clutch and brake during an ascent or descent makes the plates get heated and stop working if any of the liquid is low.
  2. Driving safely in hills also requires an individual to plan out a journey to the frequently-visited and known areas of the mountains. In case a person decides to take an unfathomed route, he/she might come across with any natural disaster, such as avalanche or land slide. Therefore, it is a must to do a thorough inspection of the road which has to be taken for the journey.

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