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Driving Tips To Improve Mileage...

27 January 2016, 02:56 PM

Almost all of the prospective auto buyers desire for a car, which has an efficient fuel economy figure. At present, the car mileage decides its fate in the Indian automotive industry and all the major auto makers strive to achieve the same. People planning to opt for a high mileage vehicle can compare cars online or through a local seller to know which the best option is. New cars generally feature a commendable mileage figure but it is not necessary that these statistics will remain same forever. There are a number of important tips and advises, which users can keep in mind to enhance their car mileage. These can be implemented as per the car specifications and are as follows:

  1. People should always monitor the tyre pressure of the car before beginning any trip. If the car tyres are not properly inflated, they can have a great impact on the mileage of the vehicle. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the pressure on the same level as mentioned by the auto manufacturer.

  1. One should always operate the various consoles of the car smoothly, such as the brake pedals, clutch, gear lever and accelerator. Changing or pressing them roughly might consume extra fuel and thus, will ultimately reduce the car mileage.

  1. If people plan to buy used cars, they should always check if the engine does not have a flaw and wheels are aligned. Any problem in the car specifications might lead to the fuel economy getting reduced.

  1. Few people tend to attach bigger tyres on their cars to give it a more enhanced and sporty look. Experts as well as auto makers largely believe that doing so might harm the engine as well as the mileage of the car. Tyres should always be fitted as per the car specifications or else they might have to compromise with the vehicle's performance.

  2. Most of the new cars are aerodynamically enhanced and do not tend to vibrate on high speed. Still, it is always recommended to maintain a constant car speed on highways and drive with the windows closed. If the car windows are open, then the air-drag from cross ventilation might hamper the mileage to a certain extent.

  1. Engine idling is a major cause, which leads to the mileage of the car getting decreased. One should always switch off the ignition of a car when they are at a halt or at a red light.

  1. Depending upon the car specifications, its air filter, brake and clutch oils and motor oil should be changed constantly. An SUV might require these replacements to happen in a quick time as compared to normal cars. Keeping all the aspects of the car up-to-date helps in maintaining a decent fuel economy figure.

  1. It is always advised that the fuel tank of the vehicle, be it new cars or old models, should always be filled during morning hours or when the atmosphere is cold. This is due to the fact that the fuel, being a liquid, becomes denser in cool temperature. Therefore, one practically gets more density of fuel in the same amount as against during a hot day.

  1. People should keep a check of the excess weight, which is lying in their car. One should not over-clog the boot or the inside of the car with too much load as it might lead to excess of fuel consumption.

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