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Car Safety Tips For Women On The Road...

28 October 2014, 05:05 PM

A large number of efforts have been made to demolish sexism from this world. Still a small amount of sexism does remain there and one of the most common places where women are called to be much behind men is driving! Women are said to be really bad drivers, although I don’t want to offend women in any manner. But that is what the society thinks and feels, especially in a country like India.

Discriminating males and females on any condition is termed to be a taboo nowadays. In the scenario of driving, a few road safety tips need to be taken care of, not only by women, but by all the people who drive a vehicle. When the discussion is narrowed down to women, it is believed that they need to undergo some extra measures to cause women safety on roads, not only while driving, but also while travelling as we know the scenario of the thinking of Indian population. Car Safety Tips in India are a part of every curriculum in India’s education system. Extra seminars are set up in educational institutions for providing road safety tips for women in India and women safety tips on road. A few car safety tips in India are mentioned here.

  • Vehicle Maintenance: It is of foremost importance that the vehicle you ride must be maintained properly and must be free from any defects. Even a small error in its drive may lead to large consequences causing huge accidents. A few people ironically think that the blinking of the engine light is a good sign but beware, it is a warning sign that the engine is showing some problems! So get your engine checked on a regular basis.

  • Notice if you are being followed: This is a very important and basic tip for road safety of women in India. Keep checking your rear-view mirror and learn if someone is following you. If such a thing is happening, simply call the women safety number and don’t stop until the police arrive. Just keep on driving, and if you want to make sure that the person is following you, set a route and start driving in circles. If the follower is still behind you after the circle, you are certainly being followed. This is one of the very important road safety tips for women in India.

  • Safety while Driving: This is one of the foremost car safety tips. You need to follow all the safety measures and traffic rules while on the road and driving a vehicle if you want to avoid getting a ticket from the police officials, and above all, want to avoid any sort of accident.

These are some really mandatory women safety tips on road in India. These tips can help keeping the roads safe from any sort of accident or an act of cruelty by any person having a degraded thinking. The above mentioned road safety tips for women in India if applied properly, are surely going to help in avoiding any such problem occurring in the society due to which, the society feels ashamed of! These also constitute some women safety tips on road.

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