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How To Negotiate With Car Insurance Surveyor?...

21 March 2016, 02:30 PM

Suppose your car has recently met with an accident and you want to file the insurance claim as soon as possible. You have paid around Rs. 1,00,000 in repairing damages, but when insurance company investigates and finally approves the claim, you get anxious in place of happy. Reason? Well, according to insurance company you can only be given claims up to Rs. 60,000. The decision is taken by the company after reading the complete report given by car insurance surveyor. He is the one who decides the actual amount of claim that should be passed versus the total loss that has incurred.

If you want to be on the winning side, then you should know as how to negotiate with car insurance surveyor? It is very important for one to know the insights of steps that are required to be performed during such event. If the car insurance surveyor appointed by the company has calculated the value of loss lesser than what you have paid, then you can ask the company to review the entire process once again. In case the company refuses to do so, then it's recommended to appoint your own car insurance surveyor and then calculate the value of claim. If it comes more than what the company's appointed surveyor has suggested, then you can initially represent your claim to company. If it doesn't agree, then you can go to insurance ombudsman of your city and file a complaint against the company. If you don't get a satisfactory answer from the insurance ombudsman, then you can go to Insurance Regulatory Authority of India and complaint against the organization. The last option is courtroom if you fail to get a satisfactory answer from all the above mentioned parties. You can pay attention to these car insurance tips in India and experience a hassle free processing.

The one who knows all the important tips of car insurance policy in India, doesn't find it difficult to go through all the above mentioned steps in case of any problem. But someone is unaware of car insurance tips in India, then insurance companies make fool out of him very easily. The main objective of all the companies is to pay minimum amount, no matter how strong is the car insurance policy in India, that's why they try every way possible to pass the minimum claim. If you have gone through any such incident, then you can probably understand the real pain that one has to go through due to such car insurance policy in India. So keep in mind above mentioned car insurance tips in India to ensure that you don't end up on losing side.

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