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Windshield To Be The Future Display Screen...

27 October 2014, 05:05 PM

In today’s 21st century, when technology has advanced to new heights, imagining such possibilities does not seem unrealistic. Nowadays, interacting with a device can sometimes be as easy as pointing at that particular thing you would like to function on the screen, typing on a virtual keyboard or even voicing your commands. There was also a time when communicating through a computer meant actually getting adapt at untangling punch cards while today, it seems almost impossible to comprehend that the current generation might even think of interacting in that old-fashioned manner let alone working that way. The windshield display of car has become a passage to a whole new world.

Okay, now envisage a picture of yourself driving down a twisted road at night. Abruptly, a warning noise breaks and a red glowing spot appears on the windshield of car, indicating the presence of an object ahead. The object could be a person deciphered by the car’s sensors. Since it is projected on the cars windshield display, you can distinguish the danger more quickly and subsequently, react faster than you would have had it been notified as a signal on the instrument ensemble?

Since the origin of cars, we have been relying on the basic instructions to both - look around us and knowing more about our car, but right there, we need to introduce you to a comparatively newer term – augmented reality applications, which could possibly change the way we drive or think about our cars. Since the advancement and progress of automobile technology, it looks like the augmented reality windshields could prove to be much safer and more natural to use as compared to discrete dials, gauges and displays, just as a touch screen on any particular device.

Augmented reality applications are simply an extension of simpler HUDs, commercialized by the Chevrolet Corvette, which since 1999 has anticipated the speed and revolutions per minute onto the windshield of car. Plenty of models – comprising of the BMW 3 series, Mercedes-Benz C class and Cadillac ATS sport sedans - now propose such images with larger, full-colour displays on car’s windshield that can furnish step by step navigation directions. 

As any other fresh commodity, this one too has its share of advantages and limitations. Augmented reality displays the information in a new way, helps the driver keep his/her eyes just on the road and offers an interesting and new experience of driving. On the other hand, cost and quality of the cars windshield, projectors and optics could be quite a job to handle. Also, displaying all the information on the windshield of car can be a distraction.

At the end, a windshield display turning into a display screen seems like quite an engaging and fascinating experience. Something to look forward to!

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