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Toyota Prius - A Parallel Hybrid Car...

04 April 2014, 12:35 PM

Introduction to globally renowned hybrid:

Who wouldn't like driving the planet's favorite hybrid sedan from Toyota? Rising fuel cost, lower efficiency figures and high cost of maintenance has given birth to one of the most successful hybrid version named 'Prius' from Toyota. The car went on sale for the first time in Japan in 1997 via four Toyota Japan dealers. The event marked it as the first mass-produced hybrid vehicle at a global parallel hybrid car platform. The Toyota Prius was thrown open to the global market in the year 2000. Toyota cars in India have been popular for its good built quality and reliability factors.


Why is this car different?

The engine in the Toyota Prius has been designed to cut-out the engine activity when you halt at a traffic stop. The battery re-powers the engine when the car moves at a steady speed, moreover the batteries recharge itself each time the brakes are applied. Though regular fuel is burned during hard acceleration, the electric motor supports the running engine simultaneously to deliver good fuel efficiency figures. The car comes with 3 Drive mode switches, namely Power Mode, EV Mode and Eco mode that enhance the overall driving experience. Moreover, special attention has also been given to reduce the overall body weight of this car to generate better efficiency figures.

What's under the hood?

The Toyota Prius has undergone a lot of design and technological changes over time. The latest one is a 1.8 Litre hybrid system loaded with impressive technology like exhaust heat recovery system and the solar ventilation system that have further enhanced the overall performance from this car. As per Toyota car dealers in India, the sedan is capable of outsmarting some of the most fuel efficient cars in the country.     


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