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New Car Technology MyAVN to Mark its Advent in Ind...

11 April 2014, 02:45 PM

In the present scenario, the demands of prospective buyers are constantly increasing and a lot is being done to fulfil their needs. Automobiles today are equipped with up-to-date features, which are to be found rare elsewhere. The exclusiveness can be seen in every car, be it a product of a domestic car maker or a global auto giant. Amidst this technical revolution, a new technology has decided to step in and increase the competition. The feature is called MyAVN, which is the creation of AVN INC – a renowned in-car accessory manufacturer. This technology is aimed towards the youth and entertainment lovers, who use their iPods, smartphones and other devices in the car.

With its advent, MyAVN is expected to take car technology to a different level and it is already being termed as the next big thing in automobiles. This feature will come with an LCD screen for car and 2 din size, and will enable the passengers to browse the radio channels and use their devices on-the-go. What’s more is that an external device, such as a play station, any media or a karaoke system could also be connected to the car through this feature. Occupants sitting on the rear seats can also enjoy this technology as it will be easily connectible to the LCD screens fitted on the back side. This system will also support high quality picture support and many other entertainment features.

Among the normal features of MyAVN, some additional controls have also been provided to this technology, such as a rear camera input and audio controls. With the feature of rear camera input, the driver will be able to see a live display of the background on the LCD screen and will be able to park more safely. With the unique audio console, the MyAVN will allow passengers to easily change song tracks and adjust the volumes as per the suitability. It is being anticipated that this technology will also have the inclusion of navigation and reports are suggesting that map software has been successfully installed in the device by the company.

The company officials have hinted that their product, MyAVN will be make the car infotainment much more feasible. With a motto to explore, experience and enjoy, the company has certainly provided a new toy to the Indian users. This latest infotainment system will be starting at a steep price range of almost Rs. 27000 and will come with a 2-year warranty. The company also claims that this system could be easily installed without tempering the wiring of the car. In the modern generation, the upcoming cars are expected to show some unique features like the MyAVN. Auto experts believe that the in-car infotainment is expected to grow by a major scale in the coming months. The car technology seems never-ending and will be continuing to grow rapidly with the advancement of the automobiles and the passenger's demands. In such a case, it will be compelling to see what the upcoming cars have in store for the auto connoisseurs from around the world.

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