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Hybrid Cars - An Efficient And Clean Way Of Transp...

27 January 2016, 02:48 PM

Petrol and diesel are the most popular fuel options and for obvious reasons. They are very convenient to derive and majority of mechanical engines use them as fuel. The flip side of the coin is they are extremely harmful for the environment. Combustion of these fossil fuels tends to release harmful gases which in turn damage the ecosystem. They are also the main reason behind Global Warming.

There are many alternative fuels being developed by auto manufacturers to substitute these fossil fuels. However, options like solar energy and fuel cells are very expensive to develop and use. Hybrid fuel cars are a more realistic option as it combines the best of both worlds. These cars make use of two types of fuels which are ideally petrol and electric. There are automobile manufacturers like BMW who are considering bringing Hybrid cars like the i8 in India. Toyota is the only manufacturer which has been actively selling hybrid cars in the country. Besides the popular Prius which Toyota sells in India, they also offer Camry Hybrid in the country. Camry Hybrid is the only car with a hybrid fuel in its segment.

Hybrid cars make use of conventional fuel but they do not depend on it completely. There is an additional electric motor which powers the car. With the advancement in technology, these hybrid cars have also made great progress. Regenerative breaking is one such technology which makes use of energy derived from braking or coasting and stores it in the battery to run the electric motor. The Electric motor also assists the conventional engine during occasions like hill climbing or accelerating. In Camry Hybrid, the electric motor powers the car till a particular speed from standstill thus making the conventional engine start later making it an efficient way of driving.

Hybrid car mileage is also very impressive as the mileage is a combined derivative of the conventional fuel and electric motor. In Hybrid cars, the electric motor does not need an external charging system as it develops power when the vehicle is in motion. With cars like Honda Civic Hybrid and Toyota Camry Hybrid there is a positive hope for upcoming hybrid cars in India.

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