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Heated And Cooled Seats In BMW...

19 February 2016, 03:36 PM

BMW is a renowned German auto brand, which has been residing in the Indian automotive industry since quite a long time. Its cars are known to provide passengers with a unique sense of luxury along with utmost driving comfort. The company is known for creating a high tech car, which feature technologies that are hard to fathom at once. BMW cars in India are acknowledged for their efficient driveability and on-road performance. Owing to such reasons, the company has grown to be among the top-notch luxury car brands of the nation. There are a number of exclusive features in each car of the company among which is the Active Seat Ventilation.

All the BMW cars in India have the provision of fine-quality leather upholstery, which has been stitched to perfection. The seats have multi-reclining options to provide utmost convenience to the occupants on long journeys. Interestingly, the new luxury car from the auto maker's lot feature the unique provision of Active Seat Ventilation, which helps in the heating and cooling of the seats as per the passenger's comfort. This feature ensures that the flow of air is constant throughout the seats and it functions by removing the excess moisture from the air inside. The feature has been present in the global market for long now and has been part of almost all the BMW specifications.

To prevent any fatigue of the passengers or driver and keep them active throughout the journey, the Active Seat Ventilation circulates air constantly throughout the seats. There are a total of 9 flow fans, five in the seat and four in backrest, which are integrated in each seats. The fans operate by drawing clean and fresh air from the cabin into the seats and then circulate it to the air-permeable middle layer, which then distributes the effect in the entire seat. Special perforation zones are provided in the seats that keep the perspiration to minimum and help in the air-flow through the entire area. The control of these fans speeds is given on the iDrive console, which is integrated on the main front panel of the luxury car.

In case the car has been standing n the sun for long, the occupants can simply turn the fan speed to maximum and get respite from the heat instantly. Through the iDrive console, people can manage the air distribution and air-flow speed between the seats and the backrest. Interestingly, the Active Seat Ventilation not only cools the seats but also prevents them from the overcooling effect. The heating option is also available in this feature that allows the temperature to be maintained in the entire area of the seat. In case of long journeys, the cooling and heating effects work jointly in the high tech car and help in maintaining the ideal temperature needed for a comfortable driving experience.

BMW car dealers agree that the advent of such features by the company is certainly going to uplift their stature in the domestic auto market. Every prospective buyer looks for comfort and convenience in the cars of his/her choice and BMW cars in India are catering to the similar needs of users. In the future, the company aims at manufacturing more of hi tech car, which will also be having luxury features to keep the modern day passengers fully content. Although, the BMW cars are tagged with hefty prices but experts believe that the inclusion of such features justify the figures.

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