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Googles Driverless Car - A Threat To Auto Industry...

14 July 2014, 08:05 PM

In a bid to enhance the driving comfort to the pinnacle, internet giant Google has been constantly striving upon making its autonomous car project an immense success. The Google's driverless car will not only allow passengers to commute hassle-free but will also help in minimising the errors of driving. This automobile technology is in its testing phase and Google has given a glimpse of it in a number of cars. Recently, the multi-national company had showcased its revolutionary design of automatic cars, which run through the radars mounted on their roof and can easily incorporate two occupants. This driverless car technology is deemed huge recognition in the future but auto industry is still hesitant about Google's ideology behind the concept.

Quite a few questions have been raised by several auto giants regarding the practicality and safety aspects of these automatic cars. Claims and predictions by numerous vehicle brands and auto pundits have transformed Google's driverless car into a posing threat to auto industry. As the autonomous cars from Google are bereft of a basic steering wheels and pedals, the automotive world is still doubtful on the overall safety aspect of commuters sitting inside. It is a relevant and known fact that the drivetrain of these automatic cars will be solely controlled by the integrated software. However, speculations are as to what will be the success rate of the outputs predicted by this software. Researchers believe that this embedded software are capable of reducing the errors of judgement while driving a car on a larger scale as compared to the human.

Other predictions also suggest that the availability of Google's driverless car will somehow affect the overall cost of vehicle ownership. The auto industry giants claim that the driverless car technology will make the common man more inclined towards a more reliant means of commutation. In such cases, the prospective buyers will tend to fall for on-demand autonomous car service as against the conventional means of transportation. If these circumstances rise then the global automotive arena will have to undergo a considerable level of impact. However, the most important concern is that the Google's autonomous car technology isn't going to mark its advent in the nearby future. The concept is still in its testing phase where the company is attempting to curtail any chances of errors in the software.

In a recent survey, American auto major General Motors also claimed that Google's driverless car technology will raise the bar of competition in the industry. Reports have suggested that the technology is still far away to be utilised by the common man. In order to witness the success of such autonomous cars, each and every driver of the world have to be involved equally. Then only this driverless technology can be implemented effectively and promoted worldwide. In the coming time, the autonomous car segment is going to consume a major share of the automotive world. Google has already proposed its plans to incept at least 100 driverless cars on the roads in the near future. In such a time, it would be interesting to see what the outcome of this technical brilliance will be.

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