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CRDi - Common Rail Direct Injection Engine ...

21 March 2014, 10:53 AM

As modern automobile technology enriches human lives all over the globe, little is it known about what's doing what under the car's hood! It is comparatively easy getting lost in those abbreviating terminologies.  Ever wondered what the CDRDi stood for in your new diesel fuel driven car and what’s all the hype with CRDi cars in India? Some of the prominent names in the Indian automotive market that are known for CRDi engine car technology are Toyota Innova, Hyundai cars like Intrado, Maruti swift car and SUV fleet of Tata cars in India.   


The term CRDi stands for Common Rail Direct Injection. The technology directly injects fuel into the cylinders of a diesel engine through a single, common line, known as the common rail. The common rail is connected to all the fuel injectors.

Regular diesel direct fuel-injection systems have to build up pressure for every new injection cycle.  Engines featuring the new common rail (line) maintains a constant pressure regardless of the injection sequence. This pressure is said to be permanently available throughout the fuel line. Instant atomization takes place and this spray is very fine and evenly distributed aiding efficiency and power delivery. Also the injectors can inject up to 5 times per combustion cycle which gives a more uniform and controlled combustion and helps extract maximum energy from the combustion cycle. Technologically the engine's electronic timing regulates injection pressure according to engine speed and load. The electronic control unit (ECU) modifies the injection pressure with precision which is in relation to the data obtained from sensors on the cam and crankshafts.

Too much technical overdose? Take a breather, to simplify things a little, the CRDi technology in your car is mainly there to deliver better fuel efficiency and lower the emission levels. In short, this makes your car efficient and delivers performance that is almost similar to a petrol version car.

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