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Cars Go Open Source With Automotive Grade Linux...

31 July 2014, 08:05 PM

In today's time, technology is making things easier for everyone and the introduction of automotive grade linux can also be another milestone in the automotive industry. These days you can see open source everywhere. The collaborative nature of open source license makes it the perfect choice to develop a platform, system and application, etc. Due to the technological advancements, linux car is no more just a dream but a reality.  According to reports, a new version of Linux is going to be launched in some time that will take the automotive industry on a newer height. Linux car is going to be the best car in terms of use of up-to-date technology.

Automobile technology is already touching ninth sky with smart cars and super cars. A decade back, touching 200 kmph was a dream for most of the car owners, but today it's just a fun element and nothing else. Advanced automobile technology has made it possible to use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, live TV and wireless music in cars. That day is not very far when normal cars will be able to run on roads, water and sky without using any additional equipment. With the speed science is progressing these days, you can expect automobile technology to touch newer heights in future years.

Scientists have made it possible to take in-car tech on a wider level, and the most recent example of that is the linux car. Although Linux was being used in cars since a long time in one form, or another, but this time scientists have tried to introduce a new build of Linux in the cars to provide enhanced multimedia and infotainment functionality. Now it is possible for the users to use smartphone integration in cars which will help them take superior control over their cars. With the help of smartphone integration, security of cars will also be tightened which will have a positive impact on the users.

In today's time, you can experience a huge gap between those car companies which focus on information technology and those which don't. If you name any car globally which has written a success story over the years, then you will find that a major part of that success was brought into realization through advanced information technology.

So if you are planning to buy an advanced car in near the future which is equipped with smartphone integration and upgraded version of Linux, then conduct an in-depth research and then take any final decision.

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