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Augmented Reality Car Dashboards...

09 June 2014, 02:30 PM

Technology has largely dominated almost all the major industrial sectors of the world and its impact can equally be seen on the global auto market. All of us are aware of a multitude of new car technology, which gets launched each day in variety of automobiles. In the past, GPS navigation system and other in-car displays were deemed as the unique innovations but soon another type of system is going to be implemented in a number of vehicles. This technology is the augmented reality car dashboard display, which will showcase all the basic information regarding the vehicle. Also called as AR glasses, these displays have already been a part of the new generation BMW cars and are soon going to be integrated with other auto brands as well.

An augmented reality car dashboard uses special types of glasses, which exhibit the necessary information of an automobile to the driver. Features of the navigation system, multimedia controls, various functions of the car, such as air-conditioner, headlight, indicators etc., could directly be operated through these AR glasses. This new car technology was first unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and since then, has been eagerly anticipated in a number of car models. Interestingly, the display will also be showcasing information about the rev counter, speedometer, fuel gauge, parking sensors and other features of the trip computer of the car.

The AR glasses are currently on an upgrade stage, where other features are also being implemented in it. Soon, the display will also allow the driver to get information about the distance of the car ahead of him and will feature arrows as to how the car should be manoeuvred safely. The augmented GPS system will check which lane is suitable for the car to be driven on and will guide the driver on the correct path through a large display. What's more interesting is that this augmented reality car dashboard will also allow the driver to zoom in on a particular object through a touchcreen system and will provide a vivid display of the road ahead. Experts believe that such a technology will largely benefit the driveability of each individual and will also help in keeping him/her much safer on the roads.

This new car technology is still on the testing phase, where BMW technicians are researching in-depth on it. The German auto giant is also striving to create such augmented displays for the automotive technicians, where the video of the engine of the car will be projected on a screen. This will allow the engineers to examine and rectify the problems persisting in the car without making much effort. Notably, the Japanese auto maker Toyota also seems to have similar plans with the augmented dashboards. Soon Toyota cars will be seen incorporating this technology to offer a better driving dynamics to each individual. Although this methodology in the cars is a thing of the future, its advent is certainly going to be a hyped event. Initially, these augmented displays will be showcased in the luxurious cars of the world but with the advancement in science, they might soon appear in all the common cars running on roads.

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