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Android-Based Connected Car Stereo - Clarion AX1 I...

15 November 2014, 12:12 PM

Music is an inseparable part of people. Especially stuck in huge traffic people obviously prefer listening to good songs. This is a huge reason as of why car stereo systems in India have huge competition. But today, almost everything around us has become android driven. And that’s why clarion ax1 in India is a huge success.

The clarion ax1 android connected car stereo is one of its kinds, and Supreme Audiotronics sells clarion ax1 in India. The manufacturing is by a Japanese company manufacturing Car Audio, communication and navigation systems and the unit comes under its Asia's arm. Clarion ax1 android connected car stereo promises an exciting experience for all the gadget and technology enthusiasts. Internet is popular today all over the world, and clarion ax1 in India introduces a device that has been optimized with the Android OS and is found to be compatible with almost all smartphones.

Clarion ax1 android connected car stereo allows you to browse the internet and connect to Wi-Fi connections also.  Clarion ax1 in India has moved ahead and tied up with the T-series so as to provide the users with a huge music platform with millions of songs and albums. They have also enabled access to infogo music store. Thus, connecting people to over 25 million songs around the world. So its time you play your favorite Bollywood numbers through your bumpy rides around the world.  Car stereo systems in India have seen a huge change after the launch. Unlike Tablets and smartphones, this device is proved to be completely safe to be used inside your cars.

Features of clarion ax1 android connected car stereo sees no end. It is provided with external and internal microphones and digital amplifiers, rear camera input, image Viewer, Navigation voice guide, Smart power management, Audio streaming, 6 channel RCA output, HD playbackMulti touch screen, Lcd Display, HDMI video output , fast boot option etc. This may be the first choice for those who are looking for the best and the most user-friendly stereos in their cars. This does seem too expensive for Indian markets, but this has not brought down the popularity of clarion ax1 in India.

The Clarion ax1 android connected car has been tested to meet International standards in safety systems and has undergone ESD tests,  vibration and humidity tests proving its ability to withstand huge variations in temperatures and vibrations. So this is a new turn in the market of car stereo systems in India and has proven itself to be worth a smart choice for Indian customers.

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