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Active Cornering Headlight System - Mercedes Benz...

20 October 2014, 04:05 PM

The Mercedes Benz has always been ahead of its time in terms of technology. Mercedes Benz headlights feature with BI xenon head lamps and have a sophisticated active light system. These lights follow the steering movement of the driver’s steering wheel to improve the driver’s range of vision and help him take turns in corners and blind spots. This feature has been added to protect drivers during night driving. With increasing accidents occurring during night, this feature has been helpful in saving many lives in India.

Mercedes Benz headlights are an option which is available in the Class E range of cars. The active cornering headlight system swing the appropriate turn accordingly following the driver. This process increases the road illumination by an angle of 90 percent. Mercedes Benz headlights have an increased illumination range. The dipped headlights bend in proportion to the degree of turn taken by the driver. The active cornering headlight system enables the driver to spot things on the road which was otherwise impossible.

The active cornering headlight system also operates on two modes: low beam and high beam mode. The lighting system adapts to the speed of the car, and gradually becomes brighter with increasing speed. The car has the brightest headlights at a higher speed when compared to lower speeds. Mercedes cars in India with this unique technology have come in handy in a lot of situations. With sloppy roads to unexpected bends and turns, the cornering headlight system helps drivers ride peacefully at night. The lighting system is controlled by a microcontroller which is embedded in the car’s electronic data centre. The microcontroller receives real time data of the speed of the car and the distance from the nearest bend on the road to estimate the angle at which the headlights have to be bent for safe driving.

Mercedes cars in India also come with the feature of preventing the oncoming drivers from being dazzled from the bright headlights. With any driver coming in front of the car on the other lane, the microcontroller senses the movement of the car nearby and adjusts the headlights accordingly. Mercedes cars in India use these smart headlights to keep the driver at bay from gaining unwanted momentum. Mercedes Benz dealers in India have come to see the importance of this tempting and unique feature and introduced it. New cars in India have also started implementing this design.

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