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A Look On New Car Technology Blunders...

11 September 2014, 04:05 PM

In the modern day international automobile market, it is all about new technology in cars, irrespective of the brand or country the models are being sold in. As each day progresses, a new car technology is invented, thereby making things simpler and more convenient for people. Even new cars in India are being sold with technology as their USP and the Ford EcoSport is a big example. Hi tech technology, like a car app, is something people look forward to in new models these days. However, with so much happening around, there are plenty of new car technology blunders that have taken place and are worth reading about. Though new technology in cars is a blessing for people, many bloopers are also present.

The first and foremost new technology in cars that can be questioned is the automatic window button, which, from a logical point of view, is a little nasty. Let’s just say for example a person possesses a button release window for moving it up and down but it stops functioning in the middle of a trip due to some reason. Now, although it is one of the most popular new car technology, it can lead to a problem should some emergency take place and a person will have to stop the vehicle to do anything. Now, in order to get this hi tech technology blunder, one has to go to the service centre and that is time consuming. Thereby, this is one of those new car technology blunders that needs to be looked into by companies. The situation could be grave for new cars in India and if they are stuck in traffic jam on a highway.   

There is an entire list of new car technology blunders that can be listed but some are really idiotic if given a close look. Models from companies like Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Ford are loaded with new technology in cars, such as Anti-lock Braking System, Electronic Brakeforce Distribution and Car Park Assist. While a new car technology like Hill Park Assist or car app is appreciated, it is quite stupid that there is a small light for each one of them. Say a person is driving in a situation of stress and he owns one of those new cars in India with hi tech technology. Now, until he is aware of what all the functions are, it is impossible to comprehend what is wrong despite a red light popping up, warning him/her about a problem.

All these instances do not mean to undermine new technology in cars but kind of give a reality check. The new car technology blunders should be looked into and companies should maintain a balance and not get carried away. Albeit nothing is wrong with a new car technology, taking it to a level where it becomes useless is something that can, and should, be avoided.

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