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Volkswagen Car Accessories...

02 June 2014, 11:37 AM

Volkswagen is a renowned German auto brand and has been present in India since a long time now. The company has its premium offerings in almost all the segments of the domestic auto market. Volkswagen cars are acknowledged for their efficient driveability, powerful performance and commendable mileage on roads. There are a number of accessories, which generally arrive integrated with all the Volkswagen cars but the same can also be purchased additionally from various outlets and dealerships. Volkswagen car accessories are for the purpose of aesthetics as well as functionality that can be added to the exterior and interior of the several models. Few of the Volkswagen car accessories available at leading outlets and auto accessory shops are as follows:  

  1. Front and Back chrome strips: These chrome strips are solely for the purpose of aesthetics are usually favoured in the premium VW cars, such as Volkswagen Passat and Jetta. They are made up of a special alloy, which is corrosion-resistant and durable for a longer period of time. This alloy is then dipped in a fine lining of chrome to provide the car an astonishing look.

    Front and Back Chrome Strips
  1. Exterior skirt kit: This skirt kit provides a sporty look to all the Volkswagen cars and also helps in protecting the outer body from damages. The skirt kit is made up of a highly durable and tensile plastic material, which can be equipped on the front, side and rear profile of any model. They are body-painted and can be purchased from a number of Volkswagen car dealers across India.

    Exterior skirt kit
  1. Body Covers: The body covers are considered to be among the essential Volkswagen car accessories and arrive in a number of sizes and colours. They are manufactured from a unique synthetic material, which keeps the inside of the car cool when the vehicle is parked under the sun. The body covers are water-resistant and prevent the VW cars from scratches and damages caused by dust particles or heavy rainfall.

    Body covers
  1. Navigation System with rear-view camera: This system can be integrated in all the VW cars and allow intelligent navigation to the driver. It arrives with a small screen, which can be mounted on the front windscreen of the car as well as the dashboard. The screen in turn multi-tasks as a rear-view camera display and can be used for safe parking even in a clogged space.

    Navigation System with rear-view camera
  1. Volkswagen child seats: The child seats are offered by the company for all its models and can be utilised for utmost safety of infants. They are bucket shaped and comprise soft material padding to keep the child safe and intact in case of bumps or small collisions. These child seats are easy to be equipped and detached and include washable upholstery.

6. Luggage Compartment with partitioning elements: This accessory is for the purpose of creating extra luggage space in the boot of any car. It can even be integrated in used Volkswagen cars and comprises flexible partitioning to store the luggage according to its size and shape. This additional luggage compartment also includes surrounding rims, which prevent brittle material, such as glass or pottery, to be transported safely to any place without any breakage.


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