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Types Of Car Tyre Pressure Gauge Meters...

17 June 2014, 10:35 AM

Maintaining the tyre pressure of a vehicle is among the most significant tasks of proper auto care. While most of the people get their car tyres inflated at the nearby mechanical shop or petrol stations, other opts for doing the work manually. Numerable auto accessory shops around the country deal in the selling of various types of tyre pressure gauge meters. These gauges come in a variety of sizes and show the pressure reading either in a digital or analogue manner. Depending upon the type of manufacturer, a tire pressure gauge meter can cost between Rs. 500 – Rs. 2000. There are also several portals, through which these products can be purchased online. Below is the list of different kinds of tyre pressure gauge meters:

  1. Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge: These types of gauge are compact and can be easily packed in the luggage even while planning for an excursion through a car. Such gauges consist of a small display screen, which shows an almost accurate pressure figure when the knob is connected to the tyre valve.pressure gauge.

  1. Pointer Indicator type Gauge Meter: This gauge provides a monitor view of the pressure level in each tyre. They are generally made up of metal, which is calibrated in rubber and consists of pointer dials. These dials show the pressure figure when the knob is firmly pressed into the tyre valves.

  1. Solar Powered Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge: These types of gauges have been recently introduced in the market owing to the fast rate of technological advancement in the world. The solar powered gauges have an amorphous silicon panel, which attract the sunlight to charge the device. There is a built-in LCD display in these solar powered gauges that can be adjusted from Psi to Bar, Kpa and Kg/cm2 configuration.

  2. Auto Meter Tyre Pressure Gauge: These gauges are the typical example of mechanical tire pressure gauge meter. They have a flexible rubber hose, which can be easily extended to the tyre valves. The analogue meter of these gauges is able to show a precise pressure figure of the car tyres.

  1. Pencil type Air Pressure Gauge: These gauges are made up of a sleek chrome bar and comprise a slide-out scale, which features the pressure reading of car tyres. They are suitable for all types of vehicles and are portable to carry even on long journeys.

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