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Types of Car Seat Cushions ...

17 April 2014, 03:05 PM

After prospective buyers have purchased a car, they are generally left behind with a dilemma as to what accessories they should equip to make the vehicle look more classy. Right from the upgraded bumpers to the rear trendy spoilers, a number of features are available in the car accessories shops, which are spread across the nation. These boutique houses deal in a variety of products, which enhance the inner and outer looks of the car. Among these products are the car seat cushions, which are available in various colours and shapes. These cushions not only intensify the interior looks of the car, but also offer a unique sense of comfort to the drivers on long journey. Depending upon the shape and size, these cushions are usually classified into:

  1. Padded Cushions: These types of cushions are generally filled with soft mattresses that make them fluffy and more relaxing to sit on. They can be either stitched with fine quality leather or a fabric and are available in a variety of colours from beige to black, sport red, brown and grey. They generally cost less and can be purchased within a range of Rs. 2500 – Rs. 4500 (all seats).

  2. Gel Cushions: These cushions are manufactured by layering a special type of gel material inside them. This gel material is highly beneficial in absorbing the moisture or sweat from the clothes of the occupants and leave a generally pleasant fragrance instead of any stale smell. These cushions are also helpful for people having back problems and provide them with utmost comfort on uneven turfs. They can be bearing a price tag of Rs. 3500 – Rs. 6000 depending upon the manufacturer.

  3. Cushions with Acu-Beads: The Acu-Bead cushions employ a unique technology that offers several types of massages to the passengers. They are equipped with strategically placed magnets, which relieve the stress points of the body after the cushions are switched on for usage. A variety of massages can be experienced through these cushions, which are available within a price range of under Rs. 10000.

  4. Thickened Heated Cushions: These cushions have small pores through which heat comes out and relaxes the body of the occupants. After switching them on, people can just relax back and enjoy their body getting relieved of all the pressure. They can be purchased in a price bracket of Rs. 6000 – Rs. 8000.

  5. Sporty Cushions: Such type of cushions are largely in demand in the domestic auto market and are among the hot-sellers in car interior accessories. They are snazzy looking and give a sporty feeling to the inside of the car as well as the driver. Unlike the conventional seatbelts, these auto seat cushions are equipped with two sling belts that are hooked over each shoulders of the driver. Such cushions are available in the market within a range of Rs. 7000 – Rs. 15000.

Several other types of cushions can be fitted in the new car as per the requirements and budget of the users. In long run, these cushions are durable and offer maximum comfort to the passengers.

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