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Types Of Car Floor Mats...

29 May 2014, 04:05 PM

There are a number of car accessories present in the domestic market that are utilised by buyers for aesthetics as well as functionality. These accessories are available at almost all the auto boutique houses throughout the nation and do not have a certain price range. There are a number of additional elements, which become part of the car interior accessory as well as the exterior feature. One such accessory is the car floor mats, which not only enhance the looks of the vehicles inside but also protect it from stains and damage. New cars generally feature these accessories as standard but the same can be purchased from the local market as per the model of the vehicle.

Car floor mats are manufactured by a number of materials, which are durable and can sustain wear and tear. The main functionality of these mats is to prevent the metal floors of the automobiles from getting corroded. The mats have special layers, which do not let the moisture or water content from anyone's feet to permeate into the main floor. This type of car interior accessory is in huge demand from the concerned buyers and can be purchased online or through the local market within the range of Rs. 600 – Rs. 3000 a set. Depending upon the configuration of the vehicle, these car accessories can be of a variety of types, which are as follows:

  • Premium Fabric Mats: Such type of car floor mats are stitched with quality fabric and comprise cushions inside that are comfortable as well as water-impermeable. They are easy to equip and replace, and can be washed easily with any normal detergent. Few of these mats are the standard features of new cars but the same can also be purchased from various accessory shops.

  • Synthetic Rubber Mats: These mats are fabricated with the help of a high-tensile synthetic rubber, which can take wear and tear easily. These mats are usually of beige or black colour and are highly beneficial during the rainy season. The synthetic used in their manufacturing do not let even a drop of moisture to pass through them and reach the metal floor.

  • Transparent Plastic Mats: These mats have just started arriving with a number of new cars and are made up of a transparent plastic material. This type of car interior accessory is easy to place on the floors and can resist heat as well as water. Their benefits can be seen during the rainy season when they retain the mud and water from the passenger's feet and don't let them permeate to the floor.

This type of accessory can be searched through various portals and can also be purchased from numerable shops. They are cost-effective but have great functionality when it comes to proper maintenance of a car. People who desire to get these features integrated with the vehicle can compare cars on different websites to examine if the mats are as standard equipment or not.

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