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Gear Lock: Extending Limits Of Car Security System...

10 December 2014, 12:18 PM

The first thing we do when we buy a mobile is put a screen guard over it. Car accessories in India have attained somewhat the same status in recent days. Everyone who buys a new car wants to load it up with a bunch of accessories, all in the hopes that their ride will be unique. With the increasing interest in people to customise their vehicle, car accessory manufacturers have taken up the challenge of rolling out innovative and fancier looking accessories for your car in the market. With the increasing interest of consumers, companies are also tapping this new-found craze for exterior and interior car accessories in India.

On the search for security car accessories, you’ll find many useful as well as useless car accessories out there in the market. The challenge is to differentiate between them and buy the ones that truly make a difference to you. One such item that falls under the category of a security system is the gear lock. With the rampant thefts of vehicles being reported daily, one has to take all-sided efforts to keep his/her car safe by not letting it get in the way of a thief.

A gear lock is essentially a lock that is mounted besides the gear knob. You need to shift the knob to any gear position except neutral and lock it using the gear lock. The gear lock restricts the shifting of your gear until you unlock it. This type of car security system is essential if you care about the safety of your car and want to secure it in the most solid way possible.

Gear lock also prevents the movement of your car when it’s parked at a slope and you have no choice but leave kids inside the car. The key mechanism used in a gear lock is not easy to duplicate hence thinning down the chances of it being stolen. With gear lock installed in a car, one can feel free to park anywhere, regardless the crime rate in that particular area. Gear lock scores over the conventional steering-peddle lock which can be tampered.

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