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21 May 2014, 05:05 PM

The domestic auto market is inundated with accessory shops and boutique houses, which equip any vehicle with sporty as well as elegant features. As per the suitability of the prospective buyers, these integrations can be made at the inside or outside of the car. These car accessory shops deal in a variety of products, which cater to all the needs of passengers from safety to information and entertainment. One such product that has been present in the market over a period of many years but has recently come to limelight is the scratch remover. There are a multitude of car scratch removers, which are manufactured by the domestic as well as global firms. They are available in almost all the mechanical shops as well as the accessory outlets across India. These can also be found through local dealers in the market who sell cars.

These car scratch removers generally come in the form of a liquid, cream or a paint, which perfectly matches with the body-colour of the car. Such types of products are not much costly and have a big advantage for used cars. While buying a second-hand model, people usually have to deal with a number of small and big body scratched, which reduce the overall elegance of any vehicle. Now however, there is an easy solution to these scratches and it can be purchased even from the dealership of the cars. Interestingly, these scratch removers do not cause any harm to the original paint of the car and only fixes the spots and scratches. These products are easy to apply and prevent the owner from spending big bucks on repair work.

It must be noted that the certified used cars, which are sold by authorised second-hand vehicle dealers, has a coating of these scratch removers prior to being delivered to the owner. These scratch removers maintain the lustre of the used cars and does not let their original beauty get diminished. One can use a soft cloth or sponge or even a light brush to apply these products on the area, which has been destroyed due to scratches. After rubbing that area with the removers for a while, the body retains its original shine. What's more interesting is that few of these products can be used on the metal body of the car as well as its plastic bumper. The front and rear bumpers of any car are prone to scratches due to a number of objects and conditions. This plastic body of the cars can also be repaired while sitting at home, with the help of these products.

Dealers, who sell cars or buy them, usually make use of these car scratch removers to make the old vehicle look as good as new. It adds grace to the overall looks of the used cars and also enhances their value. People who desire to sell cars owned by them can also make use of this product to get increased rates on the deal. Depending upon the car prices, most of the automobiles these days are coated with a layer of scratch resistant material but these are generally costly. In such a time, the scratch remover comes much handy and quickly removes all the scratches from the outer body of the vehicle. 

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