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Car Hygiene Accessories In India ...

26 February 2016, 02:52 PM

Almost all the vehicle owners of India are concerned about the maintenance of the exterior as well as interior of their cars. They regularly apply several techniques and tips to keep the vehicles clean and in decent condition. New cars are always dealt with caution as the owner develops a special affection for the vehicle during initial stages. However, most of the people desire to care about their vehicles in the longer run also and use a variety of products to accomplish the same. Numerous auto accessory shops in the domestic market deal in various products, which help in maintaining the hygiene and outlook of cars. These accessories are being utilised on a considerable number of new and used cars in India as they are not harmful to the body or inside of the vehicle. 

Such car hygiene accessories in India have a disparate range and can be easily purchased from various portals or auto boutique shops. People who want to transform their vehicles into stylish cars can make use of the following products:

  1. Air-fresheners: The air-fresheners are one of the most sought-after car hygiene accessories in India. They are available in liquid or gel form and provide a refreshing fragrance to the inside of the car; thus, removing any odour from sweat or moisture. Usually, the used cars in India tend to have an unpleasant smell owing to the old upholstery. In a range of Rs. 300 – Rs. 1500, the air-fresheners are an effective solution to get rid of any kind of odour.

  1. Body Covers:  The vehicle body covers are also one of the most significant car hygiene accessories in India. They generally arrive with new cars and can also be purchased from the market for any model. These covers are water-resistant and help in keeping the car clean by preventing the accumulation of dust.

  1. Wax Polish: This accessory is widely used by almost all the vehicle owners who want to keep their cars as good as new. The wax polish is available for both the exterior body and interior features of the car. They are made up of eco-friendly material, which is not harmful to the metal or plastic. Several owners of used cars in India recommend the usage of these products in order to maintain the vehicle properly.

  2. Vacuum cleaners for vehicles: Few companies design and manufacture vacuum cleaners specifically to be used in vehicles. These cleaners have a high suction power and can easily remove all the moisture or dirt content from old as well as new cars. From a common man's vehicle to luxury cars, these vacuum cleaners have become an essential auto accessory at present.


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