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Car Fridge Cum Warmer...

06 May 2015, 02:35 PM

Different types of car accessories available in the domestic auto market have made life much more convenient for numerous automobile owners. These days, a prospective buyer can equip his/her car will all the basic or modish features, which are suitable for aesthetics as well as functionality. With the increase in demand of vehicles, there is an equal increase in the demand of car accessories, which can be used for a variety of purposes. Lately, one such feature, which has gained quite a popularity among the national consumers is a car cooler. This electronic device is basically a cooled compartment, which is similar to a refrigerator and is used to cool down beverages, such as water, alcohol or aerated drinks. These type of portable chillers for cars are available at all the leading auto accessories outlets and can be purchased in a modest price range.

Previously, these type of car cooler were excessively used inside a luxurious sedan or a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV). However, with the constantly changing needs of the passengers, such equipment can also be found in compact hatchbacks. Interestingly, the functionality of these portable chillers for cars is not only limited to cooling down the temperature but works equally well in the anti manner. Advancement in technology has led to the creation of car fridge cum warmer type devices, which can cool as well as heat any food or drink. With triple layers of insulation, these PU foam (Polyurethane) coated cooler cum warmer ensure to work properly in a wide range of temperature. These electronic devices can be operated through a standard AC or DC voltage and provide an optimal effect to the eateries stored inside.

Notably, the car cooler cum warmer does not have any content of a refrigerant unlike a standard refrigerator; thus, making it completely CFC free. In the basic dimension, the car fridge cum warmer has a gross capacity of almost 12 litres. It consists of specially partitioned compartments to store and heat/cool any product as per the choice of the passengers. The car warmer cum cooler has the capacity to usually incorporate 4 bottles of 1 litre each, 16 cans of 300 ml each and around 6 half litre bottles. Being designed compactly, the car fridge cum warmer can easily be carried into and out of the vehicle without any hassle. 

Also, the versatile layout of this cooler allows the occupants to store a considerable quantity of food and beverage item in it. The temperature can be adjusted according to the eatery inside through the digital display mounted at the top of these portable chiller for cars. With a weight of no more than 6 kg, these types of coolers can easily be taken along while planning for long journeys. Such an accessory is beneficial for the passengers and offers them with utmost comfort even during hectic travelling. In a range of Rs. 6000 – Rs. 13000, an individual can find a variety of these coolers in the auto market. They generally are durable and also arrive with a warranty in case there is any breakage.

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