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Car Cleaning Micro Fibre Gloves ...

27 May 2014, 10:20 AM

Almost all the vehicle owners in the world show much concern about their cars so as to protect it from little scratches as well as damages. Few of the people employ sensible driving techniques to prevent any adversity while others focus on the interior as well as exterior maintenance of the automobile. Be it new cars or old models, it is highly necessary to provide them proper care. A number of products are available in the domestic market that can be utilised for the same purpose and among them are the micro fibre gloves. These gloves are made up of a special material, which is sensitive to the outer body of the car and does not offer any scratches to it.

The car cleaning process can be tedious at times and might require the usage of different components. These micro fibre gloves have a special material, which instantly attracts all the dust particles so that one does not have to put efforts in car washing. A micro fibre glove mitt is easy to use and can be utilised in dry as well as wet conditions. Elastic cuffs are provided on these gloves that keep it intact on the hands even when force is applied during car cleaning. These are available in a number of portals and generally cost between Rs. 150 – Rs. 600 a pair. They come in a variety of colours and can be ordered as per the suitability of the users.

It is generally recommended that special products, such as shining cream and liquid, should not be used on a brand new car as the ingredient of these products might harm the vehicle's exterior in long run. The micro fibre gloves are 100 per cent lint and scratch free; thus, ensuring that no single scratch is offered to the outer body. Also, the micro fibre glove mitt has the capacity to retain more detergent or water than a normal cloth and therefore, provides a much more effective car cleaning. People can also use the micro fibre glove mitt at the interiors of the cars as it is helpful in attracting dust particles, which are accumulated on leather seats or dashboard.

These products along with others can be purchased from a number of car accessory shops and boutique houses across India. The gloves generally come with one month manufacturer's warranty and can be easily replaced in case of any wear and tear. They are considered ideal for cleaning big luxury and costly cars as such vehicles are to be dealt with extra care. A number of existing users recommend the usage of these gloves as they help in keeping the car new as ever.

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